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Week 8 done - Getting close to the end, will a beer festival trip me up?!

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Hi gang! I've said several times already that I'm continually amazed by this programme. Before I began it way back in June I printed out a sheet with the 9 week schedule and a mini diary type form with 9 sections divided into 3 to note down my thoughts after each session. This morning I completed week 8 and noted down my thoughts which were along the lines of 'that was a tough one but I'm elated to have got through the week with no mishaps'. Reading back through my notes it appears to be almost an exact copy of run 3 from most weeks including week 1. The point of this is that sticking with the programme and listening to the advice of the good folks on this forum will keep you on track and almost force you into achieving what just over 8 weeks ago you would've thought was impossible.

Week 9 is approaching and what a time to reach it. I begin 2 weeks holiday from work on Monday which is when run 1 is due, run 2 coincides with my wife's 40th birthday and the graduation run is scheduled for Friday. I'll be preparing for that momentous occasion with an all day session at the Great British Beer Festival in London and not getting back to Beccles (North East Suffolk) until around 11:30pm on Thursday night. The early alarm on Friday will be cursed but the determination chip will have it's add on 'beer induced lethargy reducer function' installed to combat the after effects of the day before.

Perhaps the sense of achievement will be greater than it has been up to now given the extra distractions, watch this space....!

8 Replies
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Remember to keep well hydrated.

Keep running, keep smiling.

Nearly there, don't let the beer get in the way. Well done you

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As IT, plenty of water all the time if on the beers, good luck!

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You are running the morning after the Beer Festival? - crikey, I know I would have an extra days rest, you are braver than me!

Don't forget to have lots of water the night before especially & v good luck

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Oh I've been to Beccles! 😃 Not to a beer fest though

You don't need to drink loads! You could pace yourself and drink plenty of water. Eat something too, to soak it up. Have porridge oats for breakfast on the day and the day after 🙂

Don't blow it just for beer! It's not worth it. After all you can drink beer any time. Your Christmases don't all have to come at once cos it's a festival. I go to these things with my husband but I don't do the booze any more. I drink fizzy water with ice and a slice 😀

There endeth today's lesson from the Temperance Association 😁

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Thanks for the advice and pointers chaps! I'm pretty sensible (most of the time) so will only attempt it if I feel up to it. Having said that I don't tend to go mad a beer festivals, it's quality over quantity for me, and I have to be sober enough to find the tube station, main over ground station and stay awake so that I don't miss my connecting train. Through previous experience it tends to be a pretty expensive taxi fare if I fail to in any of those tasks!

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Hydrate well as advised. eat soak up food.....enjoy holiday... wife's celebrations too :)

You are far too sensible to let beer come between you and the Graduation :)

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Relax and enjoy your holiday time Lardofale😊... you are doing so well a week of indulging won't damage your stamina too much.

I'd maybe stretch Week 9 out a bit..its three longish runs, then by Graduation run that beer festival will be well and truly behind you.

Good luck.😊

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