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What lovely people you all are

I've finished week 1 - it's amazing! Tomorrow is my first week 2 run, haven't decided whether I'm excited or nervous yet, but it should certainly be interesting either way!

Other than that I'm already doing more exercise than I thought possible, one of the things that has struck me immediately about C25K is simply just how friendly and supportive the community on here is.

I've been a member of lots of different forums of different sorts over the years, and this is simply one of the nicest. Over the past week I've asked a couple of questions, and each time loads of different people have taken the time to give really sound advice,written in a way that comes across as though they really put some thought into it. When I wrote about my first run, I got loads of supportive comments in response. I mean, I'd thought I'd done well, but I didn't expect anybody else to think so!

So the point of this blog is just to say thank you to you all, you've been really welcoming, and I wish you all the success possible with your running :)

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That's great, well done! Keep going and you will not stop amazing yourself! I am just two runs away from graduating ... and to think that 2 months ago I could not jog for even a minute without stopping. It is incredible to think what you can do by just following this simple programme, so good luck as you progress ... and progress you surely will!!


I did W2R1 on Sunday, and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought I'd be crying by 70 seconds, but I didn't notice a huge difference!

You'll be fine, good luck and let us know how you get on :)


Good luck with week 2! Really glad that you find the forum welcoming and friendly and helpful :)


You're right, pineapple! It is a brilliant, inspiring forum. It's kept me going over the weeks and has helped me achieve more than I could ever believe possible. Good luck and best wishes for the rest of the programme!


Congratulations finishing week 1.

I can only agree with you that this is a great forum. It's wonderful hearing everyone's experiences.

Keep up the good work.



Welcome to W2, pineapple!!

You are absolutely right about how wonderful the folks on this forum are. My wife and I are from the USA and we ditched the running forums in the States and have opted to hang out on this one simply because of how kind and supportive the posters are!

Keep Running!! :-)



Bahahaha! We trapped us another one!!! ;-) I'm smhalls wife and what he said is true! The runners here in the states seem to be a bit snobbish. I love, love love this community! :-) You are doing great pineapple! Just know you can come here any hour of the day to find support, motivation and advice. :-) Gayle


Hi pineapple - we are nearly at the exact same stage! I did my first wk2 run yesterday. You'll be ok, just do as Laura says and don't go too hard, just a nice easy jog and you can do it!

I found towards the end I was really struggling but I just started churning other thoughts in my head and suddenly Laura was saying slow down!

And I'm with you - I'm not in the UK but have found this community to be so great - even if I only signed up yesterday. I confess I watched for a while before joining ;)

Good luck with the run!!


Welcome Pineapple and I'm so glad ypu're hooked to running and this great community:

Good luck with the running and look forward to reading your blogs, Delia :-)


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