Does the music on the podcasts get any better?

I'm about to start week 5 run 1 and so far I've found the music to be slowly deteriorating! I appreciate everyone has different tastes but I find it pretty bad and hardly encouraging. Am I the only one? I've thought about just playing my own music which makes me smile and feel like I'm an olympic runner (in my dreams!) but then I'd miss having Laura encouraging me and telling me how long I've got left, when to walk and when to run etc! Is there a way of morphing my own music over the podcast music whilst still keeping the instructions?


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21 Replies

  • It has to be said.......NO not so as you would notice!

    Though I did rather like "You and Julie"

  • There was a piece of music I think in week 3 that I really liked but they've not played it again so far. Otherwise it's not music I'd usually listen to but I don't find it too bad.

  • Music is such a personal thing. I actually thought that it was ok and harmless enough and grew to like some of it

    especially You and Julie!!!!

    It won't be long before you'll be striding out to your own stuff :)

  • My favourite track was on week 9, but didn't think it was too bad overall. I think I was too busy trying to breathe and keep going to pay it too much attention :))

  • ha ha! "you and Julie, You and Julie!!" the bane of my life this week, I am week 8 and this song stays with me all day!!

  • I can't say I liked the music much either and was really pleased when I finished and could use my own music! You and Julie did my head in!! Week 9 had a good one right at the end - "Just do it" - which helped me but apart from that I wasn't especially inspired either. Sometimes I used my phone and timed myself and listened to my own music, but mostly I just put up with it.

  • Ha ha ha I think the music is meant to keep you going but also helps give you an extra incentive to do your best NOT to repeat any weeks!

  • So, it gets no better then eh? Hmmmmm......... I think I'm going to have to do something about it! Going to have a play with some audio editing programs and see if I can use my own music but keep Laura! I need Laura to keep the encouragement going otherwise I'd just lie down and die! But the music? Er......... No, I don't think so!

  • The bad news is that You and Julie reappears on Wk 9. Some of the songs are definitely reminiscent of other Wk9 there is one that makes me think of "Brimful of Asha" by Corner Shop. There is an instrumental too that crops up sometimes that sounds to me like generic "Preparing for battle against the Empire" music from Star Wars ;) Always makes me smile.

  • The music was fine; I liked some more than others of course. I found that when running the time passed more quickly when my thoughts drifted away from running. The music helped as I either enjoyed the music and drifted of with it or spent time thinking about what sort of person likes this music and finding the times still passing quickly.

  • You and julie always made me smile but the rest?....well......................

  • Hmmm - yes, I really enjoyed it at the beginning, especially the variety (rap, rock etc) - though I still have 'I've got both feet on the ground but my head is spinning round and round' going through my head (and now through yours??) - slightly weird sentiment when you're running. But it does seem to go downhill in the later weeks. A point to note for the Bridge to 10k podcasts, Laura!

  • Ha ha I'm on week 3 and week 1 had the best music so far. Had a feeling it might get worse - and these comments confirm my suspicions.

    In week 1 there was an annoying song, and I wondered in a running app why were they singing 'Let's luncheon' - until my wife told me they were actually singing 'let the sun shine'! But it beats running with no music!

  • Oh dear, I was so hoping that they music would get better, not worse! I have some tracks that I love exercising too and if the music is naff then I find that I don't put quite so much in for some reason - its a shame that we can't somehow have Laura layered over our own choice of music - would be so good!

  • you and Julie - lol

  • Having taken over a month to complete Week One, I have found the less appealing music which comes after a motivation to complete subsequent weeks in the standard 3 sessions so I don't have to listen to the music more than three times.

    But I would like to find some more congenial music to help me pace brisk walking and maybe for running if I ever graduate. Having looked at Jog FM I am wondering if people with my taste in music don't exercise, or at least, don't exercise to music... (and in truth I'd rather listen to the bird song, but it isn't a pace guide)

  • You can always use music from the other week's that you do like, just remember to add together the running and walking times when the music is playing. My favourite warm up music is on wk3 so I use that and then skip to wk4 to start the run.

  • I quite liked the "I've got both feet on the ground my head is spinning round and round" at first but now it's been repeated 3 weeks in a row (I'm on week 6) it's driving me nuts! And it keeps sticking in my head all day long after the run is over! argh! lol

    I do like some of the warm down/up music though - although I think week 1's music has probably been the best so far! Mind you I have 10 runs left to go so that may be subject to change!

    can't wait to get started on using my own music at the end of the podcasts

  • I listened to the podcast of week 1 8 times now in total. And I hope the music gets better! The song at the end of the warmup walk stuck in my head for the whole day. But hey, this way you keep the excitement up for the next run. ;)

  • I started C25K a few weeks ago and hated the musak but I knew I needed the encouragement of Laura to get me through.

    Like a geek I did a quick Google and found instructions on how to make your own podcast using a programme where you put in the Couch to 5k podcast mp3 file and fade it in and out around your own tracks. So I still have Laura but I have my own music which I have found helps take my mind off the time as I am singing along (inside my head, not aloud :-)) to the lyrics and I choose songs that are roughly the same duration as the runs/walks. So it's more of a surprise when Laura's voice appears letting me know how long I have left rather than me waiting for her in the middle of a song I don't know.

  • Would you share the instructions, please?

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