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Grumpity grump grump :(

Well I'm really annoyed. I've been going really well with C25K for the last 2 weeks, I'd really looked forward to each run, and enjoyed the endorphin buzz that exercise had been giving me for the first time in years.

And then about 4 or 5 days ago I woke up and my ankles felt like they were on fire whenever my feet flexed. It hurt to walk, and running was completely out of the question.

I assumed it was just a bit of muscle ache from having been running and that, like when my legs hurt after the first run, it would go away in 48 hours. But no, almost a week later and it's just as bad as it was.

I'm just SO DISAPPOINTED. I really thought that this time I would do it, this time I would be able to exercise sustainably.

And above all I'm really confused, because I just don't understand what I've done to hurt them. There was no sudden impact or movement that I can recall that could have caused me an injury. Both ankles hurt so it seems unlikely that I twisted one of them.

I don't know what to do. I tried running again yesterday and it was simply too painful. A brisk walk is manageable, but not pleasant. I'm absolutely gutted. I'm losing all the progress I'd made, and if this is what running does to me then how am I ever going to get fit? Should I go and see my GP? Seems like that's a bit over the top, but I'm not sure where else to turn for help?

I'm sorry this is such a downbeat blog, but I just needed to vent. Has anybody else had a similar experience?

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I would say if it has been going a week and not improving getting an opinion from the GP is hardly over the top.

it can't hurt can it? Especially as were enjoying it so much.


Really think a visit to the doctor is in order. If you are not fit it is possible the exercise is having an adverse effect on your ankles especially if you are running on hard surfaces but the only way to find out is to see your GP. One other thought is are your trainers old, do they give you support?

Hope you are soon back running and enjoying those highs.


If your having pain that is not easing up, then a trip to see a professional may be in order. Annie asked a very good question, how are your trainers? You may need something with better support. I remember in my earlier weeks I had some ankle pain, but it would disappear on my recovery day. I must of built that area up because it has been quite awhile since I had pain, but we never know. :-( I know you're frustrated, but its better to go slow and get the care you need for your ankles then to go great guns and risk injury. Hoping you get good news and can be up and running soon. Let us know what you find out. Gayle


I agree with everyone else Pineapple, a week still with pain means you should be seeking medical advice. It could be something to do with the ligaments and you dont want to make it worse so you should really be applying RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

Get yourself to the docs and I hope whatever it is heals quickly so you can get out there and run.



I must go with all of the others, Pineapple. Some soreness is expected, but if it continues as long as yours has and stays as intense as yours has, I would also recommend seeking professtional advice. There are just so many things that could be going on and I would have to preach the old saying, "It is better to be safe, than sorry!"

I wish you the very best and quickest recovery possible!!

Good luck!! :-)



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