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Thank you, and an imminent W6R3!


Hello all!

I have to admit I've been something of a lurker for the past few weeks, but your posts have been a real help for me! So I wanted to thank you all for posting about your experiences with C25K!

I've made it to week six, and run three is tomorrow morning. I've just suddenly come over all worried about the 25 minute run!

Last week, I was so excited about having completed W5R3, but I then deflated myself by reading loads about the pain of week 6! The horror stories about week six helped me so much though because I was expecting the worst and set off nice and slow, making runs 1&2 really doable.

So here I am, face to face with a 25 minute run that I'm feeling nervous about.

And that's about it...thanks for all your previous posts; it's just so lovely to read about others embarking on a new fitness journey.

Much love xx

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Don't be nervous about run 3 of week 6, well done on completing runs 1 and 2 of week 6, take the third run slow and steady like you ran run 3 of week 5, once you have completed run 3 of week 6 you will be told that you are officially a runner, now that is something to look forward to.

tournesol in reply to AlMorr

Ah, thank you, AlMorr! Fingers crossed I will officially be a runner tomorrow, then...

AlMorrGraduate in reply to tournesol

👍 🏃🏾


You’re doing so, so well. Don’t think too much about what you read, just be you and keep on running! You’ve done the 20 so you can absolutely do this one. It’s going to feel so amazing!!

tournesol in reply to lucy97

That's really kind, thank you Lucy. I guess I just can't really believe I'm at this stage. Slow and steady it is!


Well done and thanks for posting. You'll be fine I'm sure, just keep it slow and steady and warm up well! Good luck and stay safe.


I too felt nervous for all three of my week 7 runs, but I managed all three with not too much difficulty. I think the nerves before helped me. Good luck next week.


Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

This post about mental approach may help.

Enjoy your journey.


Great advice from above posters, slow and steady is the way to go.

You’ll be absolutely fine, don’t overthink it.

Let us all know how you get on.

Happy running 👍🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️


I’m doing my week 6r3 Tom am. If you managed the 20 mins, you will smash this. Just take it slow and we’ll done!


Thank you for your message. I also will be attempting the week 6 on Monday.I have two days this week- end to prepare for it mentally. I had thought that the 20 minute run would be difficult but it turned out quite ok. I just made sure I wasn't attempting a steep upward slope.I intend to run downhill on Monday , and I don't mind walking back. The only flat parts I can find would be running around car parks in town. I could run on public paths across the fields of curious lambs but they are uneven and I don't want ankle twisting at present. Best of luck to you.


Go for it - the programme has prepated you. You thought 20 mins was impossible but you smashed it. This will be the same!

You guys are the best!

So, despite stepping in a puddle in my warm up walk and having a wet left foot, my headphones breaking at about 13 minutes and getting caught in a downpour, I made it!

The first seven minutes were grim, but after that, I settled in. Headphone-gate was tough because I don't know about you, but I have no desire to hear my thumping feet and heavy breathing while I run! But having picked up the pace for the final sixty seconds, I made sure Laura was blasting out of my phone's speaker when she told me triumphantly that I was now a runner!

Thank you for your kind words. We've got this 💪

Well done! I did the same run yesterday, but wasn’t expecting a full 25 minute run as I’ve not been looking ahead in the programme... I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I thought I’d give it my best shot, and of course I did the full distance. So much of this is in the head isn’t it?

I’ve checked the programme now, so I know what coming up in the remaining weeks...! So far I’ve done it all on a treadmill, so the big thing for me will be to take it outside and see how different that is.

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