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W4R1; The Mollycoddling stops here!

Week four of the Couch to 5k plan is obviously were they stop mollycoddling you.

Just less than halfway through the first five minute solid run, I actually laughed at myself for ever thinking I could be a runner but running and laughing at the same time hurts so I soon stopped that. I thought about giving up and going to buy chocolate Then I thought I might as well do another minute so I could at least say I got over half way through. Then I was just over half way through, so I suppose I could try and see if I could just go a little further and then I made it to five minutes. Was surprised how quickly I recovered in the walk and was then ready to run again. The last five minute solid run was the hardest, I was counting the seconds in my head and then I was so tired I couldn't remember what came after 70 and then thank God, Laura told me it was all over for today and that this week I've reached the point where I'm running more than I'm walking. Hurrah!

Even though I told myself I wasn't really interested in distance at this stage, I came home and tracked my run (Oh sometimes I love you technology!) and found, including the warm ups, I'd run and walked 2.99 miles in just over 35 minutes, which is a hell of a lot more than I thought.

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Well done you. I have just finished W4, to be honest compared to that I had virtually breezed through W1-3. I really struggled !!

Felt ok during the first 3 min run, recovered and only struggled towards the end of the 5mins. It was the last 5 min run that dit it, especially when Laura says "youre half way through" I'm thinking she should be saying that I've finished. I managed it though but felt like I couldn't run another step. I'm about to start W5R1 tomorrow and to say I'm daunted is an under-estimation. I've got to run for 8 mins !!

Well done for running / walking that distance. If I can complete W4 then so can you. I'm not going to lie, it didn't get easier in R2 or R3 but then I also did other exercise on my RD's - this week I'm not going to do that and see if it makes a difference. Keep going, you will be able to do it ;-)


I know exactly how you feel, I'm sure most of us do! I'm so glad you stuck with it, it really is the best feeling to complete a run, well done!


I changed my route so that I didn't have familiar bits (ie - well last week I ran to that lamp post by the second run and I usually have to turn back for the return journey at the Spar etc) and this really helped me.


Well done... I started week 4 on Monday... Could have died when I heard run for 5 minutes.. Feels amazing to have done it though... Good luck for your next run... X


I did wk4 R 1 on Monday too and was so pleased with my achievement. It want easy but I did it and am ready for R2 tmrw....I think! I can't believe in just over a week I'm going to be running for 20 mins (wk 5 R3)...... Scary & unbelievable!


I did w4 r1 today, and really felt it. I did make it all the way to the end, despite feeling hot and extremely tired, so I am pleased with myself. My knees and ankles are still moaning slightly at me, asking me WHY oh why? lol

I struggled today to concentrate on my running style though, my shins hurt if my stride is normal, but not if I shorten it. So I am probably the slowest runner in the country, but I didn't stop! When I did 60 seconds, 5 minutes seemed so far away. But here we are! Glad to find this forum and realise there are others in similar situations. Struggling but determined sums up today, with a good sense of achievement thrown in (or was it relief?) :D


I did W4 R1 yesterday and my legs feel like they are still going!

It was tough but I am amazed I managed to get to the end.

Definitely mind over matter this week!


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