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Week One Run One, Mixed Feelings!

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Soooo the very first run has been completed, my legs are like jelly, my face is redder than a blooming tomato and I'm sweaty and disgusting, but apart from that I feel great!

So I left the house about 7:45, (would've been a lot earlier but I struggled to get out of bed :P) hoping to avoid the school children and dog walkers, and of course I was met with loads. That's when I started to feel embarrassed.

I would've taken up running a long time a go if it wasn't for the nerves of actually going out into public and people staring at me, but from what I've learned, people really don't care, they've seen plenty of joggers before, and I'm not any different to them.

So once I got over the shyness the rest of the run was pretty okay, I felt myself hitting "the wall" a couple of times, but I kept going and I'm really proud of myself for that :) I've also discovered that I put all my weight mainly on my left leg because that one is hurting more than the right!

So Sunday shall be run number two, thanks to everyone for the supportive comments on my first blog, encouragement is always welcome and shall always be returned :)

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Well done you. I tried my first W1R1 on Wednesday and couldnt manage all of the runs so tried again this morning and did it!!! Im amazed more than anything. I hope you have a big grin on your face like I do. My legs are sore too and felt like jelly but just think in a few weeks time when we are running more we will look back and it will all feel like a distant memory! Be really proud of yourself. Its hard to start but you did it and WE CAN DO IT. People have been so kind on here with words of encouragement. The main things are take it easy, listen to your body, use a hot water bottle or heat wrap (trust me it works!) and enjoy your rest. The hardest bit is over now and you are well on your way. Keep it up!! Jo xx

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well done on getting started and great that you feel good about it.Keep with it and you will be amazed at what you can do. For me week one was the hardest as I had never been running before.

Look forward to your next blog

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Congrats on starting and facing the public. :D

Try not to favour one leg more than the other, though. You need to develop the muscles in both legs at an even rate, especially in these early crucial weeks. Stretch, rest and if needs be ice/heatpack the muscles if they continue hurting. See how things go for now and maybe later on (when the actual running intervals get longer) have a gait analysis. Might be that you're naturally lopsided when running (like I was)... a proper pair of running shoes will help too.

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Great stuff, very, very well done! Yes. Get some good running shoes asap, with a gait analysis first preferably. Happy running!

Well done on completing run 1 and starting the programme. I'm only on week 3 and I still run down the quiet roads where I hope I won't be seen! :) Good luck with your next run!

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Well done!! I remember the revelation of "Oh, actually, no one is looking at me after all. What was I worried about?" It's pretty liberating, isn't it??

Well done for starting - this programme is as much a mental thing as a physical one, and by far the hardest part mentally is to get out there and get started.

Take it easy, enjoy it, and keep coming on here - the people on this forum are AMAZING!! :-)

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Great start! I remember the first time I thought, "Well I don't care if you do look at me - I'm running and you're not! So there!" That was a pretty good feeling too. :)

And I do notice runners now, far more than I did before - but it's because I respect them, because I know how much hard work is being done. :)

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