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Did I do the right thing? Extended run!

Did Week 5 Run 2 last night and all the way through I was thinking ahead to Saturday's run 3 - 20 mins continuous.

So after the end of the second 8 minute run segment I decided to run the 5 min cool down as well - making 21 minutes of running with 13 minutes continuous. I then added on a 5 minute cool down walk.

So now I feel prepared having run over 20 mins in one session and having a longest run of 13 minutes.

I think it was a good strategy and I feel good this morning.

However, I am conscious that I have messed with the schedule for the first time and it is structured thus for a reason.

Have I done the right thing?

Looking forward to R3 tomorrow now as its a Saturday AM so hopefully it will be better than running it in the dark at 8pm after a days work.

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I don't think it important to stick to the programme at all. Maybe at first but once you find your feet (ptp) I think a little flexing of it is healthy. Look how you now feel about the next run, it's helped to give you a more positive view of it, which can only be a good thing.

I reckon I've messed with about 25% of the runs, often running more than required. I'm on Week 8, I've added time and distance onto all of my last three runs and will be doing so with all that remain. Just don't ask too much off yourself and you'll be grand.


Lots of people swear by sticking to the programme - and lots of others don't! If you feel better prepared for the next run, and not overtired it was probably a good idea. Anyway, there are lots of other variations on c25k around.

I added bits on to various runs too - though in retrospect I think it was usually from fear that I wouldn't be able to do what was asked, and if I'd trusted the programme I'd have been fine. (Thinking about it, that's pretty odd - I did extra because I didn't think I could do as much as I'd be asked to do.....) It really doesn't ask us to do anything we're not physically ready for.

Have fun with run 3 - Saturday morning in the light definitely sounds nicer than after work in the dark!


I used to add bits on when I felt like doing a bit extra - usually out of curiosity, to find out if I could !

As long as you listen to your body, you shouldn't suffer any ill effects. Remember that rest days are important though, although "rest" really means a non-impact day so you can do other types of exercise.


As long as you feel okay with it, I think you are perfectly okay. If you decided to make a huge increase in minutes, then you would need to worry about possible injury. Very well done! Gayle


Sounds like you did just grand and with no ill effects. Well done.


Thanks for replies and support guys


all about the individual - go with what you can do and trust your body!


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