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Will i ever enjoy running!!

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Its week 9 day 1 tomorrow and im finding tough. My runs are getting slower and last week i nearly gave up after 10 mins. Some how i kept going but it was hell. I always run before breakfast but I'm going to try an afternoon run and see how i feel.

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Oh my goodness, I could have written this post as it’s exactly how I feel. However I’m not giving up - not now - even tho I’m hating it at the moment.

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Jrice70 in reply to tiffj

I'm the same. I'll keep going to the bitter end 😬

You are so close to graduating so you have to keep going. I know it can be tough, and those first ten minutes can be a real killer. It may be a case of the toxic ten striking. Even when I'm running 10 k or further I still find the first ten minutes really hard going. You just have to take it really slow, I'm sure you can do this. You've got this far, so it's just a case of persevering slowly. I hope your next run is a little better. Maybe take an extra rest day to recharge.

Good luck.

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I find that running about 1 hour after breakfast is fine, it lets what you eat down, have a little rest, get prepared and off you go, especially in this warm weather. At 9 am the weather is not too warm, for example, yesterday Saturday, I was running at that time, week 7 round 2 in 14c temperature, if I had waited for the afternoon the temperature locally was 27c, no way would I have run in that heat.

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I found week 8 really hard. A lot of it was to do with the weather. I have found week 9 much better - so I guess week 8 was almost a stepping stone for me. I hope you find week 9 better too. I also have learned to recognise when I'm going to flag and when my second wind will kick in - usually about 20 minutes in.

I find morning runs easier but each of us has different body clocks so I hope you find the afternoon run better tomorrow. Good luck!

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Jrice70 in reply to clarycat

Thanks. I'll let you know how it goes 😬

Well I was asking the same question from myself.I completed w7r3 today and it was really difficult. No energy no joy just hard work 😓

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My W9R2 was a total nightmare. Stick with it. The heat and humidity are awful and you are so close to the end. Good luck reaching the end!

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You got this. Some runs are tough. Some glide by. Well done for pushing on through the pain and negative thoughts. All part of our huge achievement!

First run in week 9 done. I started to fast and realised at the half way point that i needed to slow down if i was going to finish. Amazingly i had moments when i actually enjoyed it. Did 4.8 k.

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clarycatGraduate in reply to Jrice70

Well done, that's great!

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