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Update to W5R3 and W6R1 *At what point do I begin to enjoy this?


I made my W5R3 the end of last week. I can't believe I ran a full 20 minutes!!!! I so felt like a runner! I was extremely tired, but I kept telling myself to keep moving and to not quit. The gremlins were patrolling in full force! I had excuse after excuse to not do the run: I was ill that day with a cold, it became dark earlier, it started to thunder and sprinkle...I just wanted to get it over with to prove to myself I could and I did it!!! Fast forward to W6R1, little miss smarty pants AKA me, :-) knowing I just did 20 minutes on the last run is convinced she can breeze through the first run of week 6. Ha, ha, I laugh at you little 5 minute run, 8 minute run and 5 minute run...they kicked my a**!!! What the heck? I truly believe Run 1 of Week 6 is to bring you right back to reality that you are only mid-way in the program and still have a ways to go. I am so happy I read others had problems with this run too or I would be feeling completely deflated. As others continue to say, it is in the mind now, so much more then physical, I believe I prepped myself for the 20 minutes, KNOWING I would get through it. I should of prepped myself better for the run in week 6. I am already trying to prepare myself for run 2 tomorrow night. At what point does this actually become fun instead of misery?

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I'm not it ever becomes fun but I remember feeling exactly the same on W6R1! Well done keep the good work up

It's fun to succeed ? I'm not sure if fun covers it really, I'd go with satisfying, rewarding perhaps challenging ?

But well done for sticking with it and winning through.


Some runs are fun and some are hell. Strangely even a bad run makes me feel great afterwards. I think week6 is by far the hardest of all the runs (only on week8 so what do I know). I have though started to enjoy the runs since week7 although you would never believe that at the 20min mark when I'm swearing at Laura.


For some reason W6R1is a killer. I was forewarned so was ready for how tough it would be (and it certainly was). But you did it and it's on to the next run - and what's more it's your last interval run of the programme! Sounds like you 're doing really well. Good luck!


W6R1 and W7R1 were my absolute worse runs in the whole programme. Exactly the same as you with my train of thought of, well I've done a long run so how hard can these intervals be?

I'm not sure you ever get to a stage where all runs are 'fun'. But even the bad runs are rewarding for me now. If I have a bad run now, I don't beat myself up, I congratulate myself for not sitting on the sofa as I would have done before I started this programme!

The second run each week is usually the worst for me! I think because I start each week with trepidation / uncertainty so go slower, but by run 2 I'm brimming with confidence and start out too fast which kills me by the end.

I'd suggest trying to pace yourself as you get into the longer runs (there seem to be lots of apps to help you do this eg. Runkeeper) and have a fabulous playlist to keep you motivated (by week 7 Laura's music choice starts getting a bit pants!). Good luck with W6R2 tonight and well done for getting so far already :)


I know part of it is fighting some type of crud (cold/allergies) and hopefully that will be gone soon! I am keeping a slow/steady pace and remembering I am still a newbie to all of this. Even though it was a bad run, I am so very proud of myself for making it to week 6! The difference of not being able to complete a minute to doing a 20 minute run is miraculous! Thank you to all of you for all of your support! Tonight is R2 of W6 for me, I am going to go into it prepared to the max! :-)


You mean it's meant to be fun?!! Actualy the point at which I enjoy it is the day after the run - when I feel tired but toned.


Well done for getting through what I believe is the toughest run of c25k. :) You complete W5,R3 to your absolute amazement, start to think you might actually graduate, and then W6,R1 slaps you in the face and says 'you ain't there yet, matey'. :O Mentally, I think we tend to get a bit over-confident after W5,R3, but physically we have just put our bodies through the biggest challenge yet, and it takes a bit longer to recover than before.

I feel that maybe a hint at this point in the program to take an extra rest day or two wouldn't go amiss. I seem to remember that Laura warns you not to go too fast at the start of W6,R1, but if your body is still tired after W5,R3 then even slowing down for the next couple of runs may not be enough. Never be afraid to have an extra rest day if you are still tired from a tough run. It may be exactly what you need to conquer the next run and feel back in control. :)


I really don't think it is ever going to be fun. I need a real life personal trainer! BUT the sense of achievement is really worth it! I shall be thankful if/when I reach the stage that I know I can do it. I always feel I can't do it!

I did w5r3 on mondAy and was so pleased and thinking that w6r1 is going to be easy! I'm planning to do it tomorrow and am dreading it now!!! I have had an extra day rest so am hoping that'll get me through. I'll report back tomorrow :)

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