W7R2 Can't believe I'm doing this!

The run this morning was pretty much like the last one. I can't believe I'm running for 25 minutes. It is tough but I'm doing it! 😀

I'm wondering whether to stay on 25 minutes for a longer period as I'm so tired after the 25. Don't know?!

Also I'm wondering whether to venture out? If the weather was a bit warmer I might. So here's a question. What's everyone wearing outside. I mean if I'm in the gym it's just a top and  half leggings. I couldn't wear that outside I'd freeze. I'm wondering whether to put a skin under my top and full length leggings but even at that I'd be cold for the first 5 mins doing the walk. Also I take a water bottle. Not that I'm drinking much during the runs now it's too difficult. Do most of you take water with you?

I'll have to psyche myself up to do it. Currently just glad I can do it at the gym!!!

Have a good week 😀😀😀


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  • You soon warm up outside, I wear full length running tights and a long sleeved top at the moment and sometimes I get too warm.  I don't take any water but have an isotonic water when I get back home.  I' m not at your stage yet but I know about the tiredness, have started taking iron to see if that helps.  I would try the next week and see how it goes, good luck.

  • Thanks Lisa Rose may try and get out next week.

  • I wear either 3/4 or full length running tights. T-shirt with running jacket on for the warm-up, jacket round waist for run. I haven't been taking water but am about to start to (2 runs to graduation!). Getting one of the bottles that's donut shaped to put my hand through. I overheat a lot though. 8 degrees here and within 10 minutes I'm roasted.

  • Donut shaped. Sounds interesting!

  • Oh its lovely outside...it would be fun to try it. Make sure to chose a flat route though for your first foray...

    I wear full length leggings a short sleeved t shirt and a lightweight long sleeve running jacket. (A fleece before I got my jacket)

    You soon warm up during the walk and can unzip your top when you get hot during the run. Then you're all warm and cozy for the walm down walk. I carry a handheld water bottle to drink on my warm down walk. 

    I dont think you need  to repeat the 25 min run as you are only adding a few extra mins. Just start as slowly as you possibly can. Once you get passed the tough bit (about 5 to 8 mins in usually) you will find the rest of the run falls into place and breathing is ok.

    Good luck HappyWalker you ARE doing it and should be proud of yourself. 😊

  • I tend to be out as the sun comes up and it is still pretty cold. I wear shorts, top and a lightweight jacket and some light wooly gloves. As soon as you get walking you dont feel the cold. As for going beyond the 25, only you know your capabilities but the next step is just 180 seconds more. Slow it down and I am sure you can complete. Good luck

  • Thanks. When you put it as 180 seconds it doesn't sound too bad!!!

  • I have always found it vest to break the run up into chunks. 180 seconds - you know you can do that :)

  • Get out there! It's fun. I went out at 7 this morning, and it's still pretty cool, but even during the warm up walk you barely feel it. And certainly not once you start running. I just wear tracksuit bottoms and a short sleeved running top. Found I was getting too hot in the long sleeved top I was wearing in the colder weather, during the early weeks. I don't take water, and I've never felt the need for it during a run. I always have some before going out though.

  • Hi Vivster I usually take some water during the warm up just before I start running but if I'm outside I may not get as warm, which would be good!

  • They (the experts) advise to dress for 10 degrees higher than it actually is, as you will warm up very quickly. Maybe wear something you can take off and tie round you if it gets too hot. 

    I think that if you slow down a bit you should go on and complete the program - you've come so far and done so well already.

    Most runners do not take water for 5K, it is a requirement for longer races to have water station at each 5K marker, Although this Saturday I saw a Parkrunner wearing a belt with two water bottles on it !!!

  • That's the sort of thing that if my husband was there he'd make some funny comment!!

  • I run along the north of Scotland coasts, in shorts and a long sleeve top.  It was raining yesterday (my first wet run!), so felt a bit chilly.

    I suppose it is what your body is acclimatised to when walking around. I'm quite happy in a t-shirt for most of the year.  It is also easier to warm up (i.e. Run faster/further) than it is to cool down!

    Being comfortable during running is one less distraction, so it is important to get right.

  • I'm thinking of running along the shore too 😀

  • I have 2 sections of coast.  One is East-West on Moray Firth (home), with predominant westerlies, so my back leg is always more difficult.

    The other is North-South on Aberdeen (work), and I am always blasted, although the promenade is quite sheltered compared to the road!  

    What a coastal route lacks in hills, it usually makes up for in breezes...

  • I think that's why I want to dress warmly as I don't want to be cold. My better half tells me I've got a very narrow temperature threshold. Not too warm, not too cold 😃😃😃

  • I think if you can stand the 5 minute warm up in what you're wearing, without feeling warm, you should be good to go. 

    Personally, if I can stand 10-20 seconds standing outside the front door without feeling cold, I'm good to go.  I have my own personal insulation system at present, so might need another layer later in the year!

  • Thanks For all your helpful comments. 

    So I'm thinking of getting a lightweight jacket and wearing over my tshirt with leggings. Don't think I'll bother with water. There's a fairly flat path I know I can try. All I need to do is put some music on my phone as I've downloaded podcasts but there's no music. Also I bought one of those armbands last year to put my phone in and I've squirrelled it away somewhere so may need to get another!!


  • I wear full length running tights and either a long sleeved top and a fleece gilet, or a t shirt and the gilet, its great for having a pocket for my phone and bridges that gap between jacket or not! A year ago I was 6 stone heavier and would have been fine with just a t-shirt, couldn't have worn Lycra or ran 10 steps but had more insulation!

  • That's fantastic!!

  • Hi I'm on week 6 here 😊 I've always been outside since I started, I wear some climate control running joggy bottom type things I find them real comfy and warmer in the cool weather, a regular work out top and a lovely bright pink water proof jacket so I can be seen, I like to keep my jacket with me even when it's warm because it had zip packets for my inhaler and keys. I take a water bottle with me but it's has a hole in the middle for a handle if that makes sense so it doesn't bother me ☺️

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