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Hi all,

After feeling chuffed with myself for completing week 5 day 3, the 20 minute run last Wednesday, I went out last night, and did week 6, day 1, and boy was it a struggle!!!! i think about 3 times I wanted to give up, on both the two 5 minute runs and the 8 minute run, found it so tough! I didn't stop though but forced myself to carry, even if it was at a slower pace! I am due to go out tomorrow, week 6, day 2, but the first time since starting this plan, I am not looking forward to it! Even though I was partly dreading wk 5, day 3, I was also excited to see if I could achieve it or not....

I suppose after running for 20 minutes I assumed going back to walking intervals was going to be easier, but it really wasn't!

Any ideas/advice before I try my next run tomorrow would be greatly received!



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  • I think for me week 5, run 3 was my impossible run and so when I did it, I thought I would steam through to week 9 without trying. Week 6 though hit me too and I was surprised after week 5 how challenging it was but I did it. Maybe I was over confident and ran a little fast so I slowed right down, rested between runs and just plodded on. Fantastic that you still did it even though it was hard. When I struggle, I tell myself "this isn't going to kill you", "you are still alive, it is hard but you are not injured" or "it will soon be over"! I always think, if I stop, I will still have to face that run again, so why stop, just relax your legs - focus on the feet, the ankles, the calves, the shins, the knees. Relax your shoulders, take some slow, deep breaths and stumble on. Posting here helps too because I thin I can tell everyone I did it, they will all be proud

  • Spot on post ☺

  • Many thanks for this advice, knowing someone else was hit by week 6 definitely helps! It is true, when I felt like stopping yesterday, like you I did think if I stop I will still have to face this run again, and didn't want to do that so kept plodding on. Also good advice about focusing on the bits of my body, feet, ankles, calves etc... something to focus on rather than focusing on the feeling that I want to stop!

    Thanks again

  • It's all about your body changing, adjusting and adapting to new forces and stressors. That's why the programme mix's it up a bit when it comes to duration/intensity/speed a bit. There is also the mental aspect which can have a HUGE effect. The days I honestly did not worry how well I did were the two best I have had 😊 there are good runs and not so good runs just like we have good days in general and not good for no "real" reasons. But when you are feeling a bit too down on these runs - just cast your mind back to W1D1 and how those sixty seconds felt 😫 😁

  • Thanks for this, I suppose I always thought I would have good runs, as up to now, I have surprised myself and really enjoyed all of them! Going to realise last night was a not so good one, and be more positive about tomorrows!


  • Yep! :) there are no 'fail' runs - only 'practice' ones and success' ones ;)

  • Don't listen to them gremlins, the programme is designed to work, you are ready to move to the next run. If you feel like stopping then slow down and then slow a bit more. 😀

  • Thanks, I've got every faith in the programme, and perhaps should be easier on myself, I did indeed slow down last night, but was still running, that's the main thing, I wasn't sat at home on the couch! If I look back to week one, I have indeed come a long way!


  • Yay you have come such a long way. You're doing amazing 🌟🌟🌟

  • Week 6 is a tricky one - just do a search on here and you will discover it is frequently problematic!

    Just keep it really slow. I think it's tempting to go back to intervals believing it's going to be a doddle - and it just isn't.

  • Thanks, I will take a look at other week 6 posts as suggested, and not cut myself up so much about it.... tomorrows run is another day, and a day of getting off my behind and getting out there, no matter how slow!


  • Hi - I felt just like you - felt I smashed W5 R3 and then just couldn't get comfortable with the interval thing again......So, I echo all of the above, just try and keep going - you are doing brilliantly :-)

  • I'm another who found week 6 run 1 horrendous. I'm sure it's because in your mind you expect it to be super easy, after all you've just run for 20 minutes so why do you need to walk again - must be a doddle! Hell no 😱 I did however cope perfectly well with the rest of week 6. Just don't let the gremlins get to you - trust in Laura. You can do it 😀

  • It is definitely more about getting your head around things in week 6. Physically you can definitely do it but the return to intervals after smashing a 20 minute run messes with your head. So many people have said that week 6 took them unawares! Just keep slow and steady, you've done brilliantly in pushing through :)

  • I'm on W6 R3 tomorrow but like you did the twenty minute one then found W6 R1 really hard...psychologically and physically. Not sure why...but like you think I was so hyped for the 20 min one that I kind of flattened a bit afterwards. Anyway I found W6 R2 better with the 2x 10 mins so hopefully you will too. It has knocked my confidence a little but just going to trust that all will be well for R 3 tomorrow. Good luck and sounds like despite the wobble you're doing great!

  • Yes totally normal I would say ! Week 6 is a toughie going back to the intervals, its bitten a lot of us on our bums after the euphoria of finishing Week 5 !

    I think this week in particular is all about building mental strength. It teaches you to dig deep and keep on going .

    You did it, don't worry , just keep doing what you've been doing, you will be fine !

    Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks everyone for all your replies! I attempted wk 6, run 2, yesterday and it went far better than wk 6, run 1! Ok, it wasn't my best run, but I felt a lot happier about it, and even began to enjoy it whilst in the middle of my last ten minutes..... I think I may become one of these runners who hate the first 5-10 minutes of running, and only starts to enjoy it after that amount of time....

    So, onwards and upwards, and can say I am actually looking forward to my 25 minute run on Wednesday, in wk 6, day 3!!!! Who'd of thought I would be saying that 6 weeks ago!

    Thanks again,

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