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Only gone and done a PB !!

I finished work at 2am on Saturday morning and then at 11am I ran my first EVER 5K run. Strangely I wasn't nervous but really excited. The Big Fun Run was great, well organised but I did find out that it was untimed.

Fortunately my friend ran with me and remember her watch. I ran it in 30mins 52 seconds, knocking off 38 seconds from my graduate run on Monday. This was it, the goal of the programme as I booked this run when I started C25K (honestly not really believing I would do it). Now I proper believe I can run the next step.

ps apparently while drunk and celebrating I agreed to do the Disney Marathon at some point in the next few years but hey, the medal is shaped like Mickey mouse so its probably worth it !!!

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Well done that is wonderful!


Thats brilliant Cathy, what a great time! And after so little sleep too.....You will be buzzing for the rest of the week now! Sue x


Congratulations, ca66ie99!! Your first 5K run and a wonderful time to go along with it!! It is an amazing feeling isn't it?

Bask in the glory of your success and then...KEEP RUNNING!! :-)



Congratulations to you!!!! Such awesome time! :-) Mickey Mouse medal? Disney Marathon??? I'm sure you can do it and I'm positive you would of volunteered regardless of an extra drink or two...after all, its a mickey mouse medal! :-) Gayle


so true !! I'd run a long way for a mickey mouse medal !!


Well done. That’s an amazing run.

Disney marathon sounds amazing... a Mickey Mouse shaped medal is definitely on the cards 😊


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