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I've only gone and done it :-)


Cannot even believe that I'm writing this, but have just returned from my final run of the programme! Buzzing and feeling on top of the world! Will not be able to shake the smile and sense of achievement for a while!! Just a big thank you to everyone for the support and to the NHS for both the forum and the programme!! I really feel I've got the running bug now and am deciding on what to do next - continue running 30 mins 3x per week for a couple of weeks, or jump straight into the post-5k podcasts? Any advice for other graduates would be most welcome :-)

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Woohoo! Well done! I love seeing posts like this when people complete it - gives hope to all of us who are yet to get to that stage.


Thanks astilla :-) Good luck on your journey!!


That's fantastic! Well done you! So you should feel proud, its a great achievement. I recently started the 5K+ podcasts as recommended by others on here. So far, so good. Enjoy your running x

ra220Graduate in reply to no-excuse

Thanks :-) I'll have a download and a little listen! Do you have a preference (there are 3 aren't there?). Is one 'easier' than the others?

no-excuseGraduate in reply to ra220

I am enjoying stepping stones at the mo. x


Woop - look at my lovely new badge :-) Today, I've decided, is going to be a good day!!!


Well done! That is a very lovely shiny badge!

Have a great day and really enjoy that feeling - its ace!


Well done! You deserve that smile.


Hi and well done. It is a lovely feeling and I even bought the T- shirt! Since graduating I run 3 times a week increasing by 5 minutes. My goal wasn't for speed (well not yet) but to be able to run for an hour comfortably. Yesterday I am happy to say I ran for 50 minutes and did 7.2 k. No great time but a lovely jaunt nevertheless. Good luck with your journey and perhaps now is the time for you to do some parkruns. Happy running :)


CONGRATULATIONS ra220! Hang on to those great feelings for as long as you can!

It doesn't matter what you do next - as long as you do SOMETHING.

I ran week 9 for a couple of weeks and now use Stamina and Speed and get out alternate days.

Make a plan for the odd Parkrun or more to give you a focus.

Good luck and HAPPY RUNNING!


Congratulations ra220, what a great feeling. I graduated a couple of weeks ago and have decided to stick with running 30min 3 times a week to a point where I feel I am not struggling with it and it comes more naturally. I'm not sure if I necessarily want to run much longer or faster, just enjoying the running. I have downloaded the 5k+ podcasts but will leave them for a little while. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

WELL DONE and congratulations to you!!!!!! :) I just graduated last saturday and am mixing the 5k stepping stone plan with 30 mins runs, and hopefully parkrun at least twice a month............


Congratulations. It's so inspiring to us newbies x


congratulations and well done...x

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