How did that happen I've only gone and graduated!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Finnally I've only gone and done it....... W9R3 tick that box DONE !

Thought i'd reflect when i started I ran in "trainers" that i walk the dog in, joggers and a normal bra I was puffed out after 60 seconds plodding next morning ouch my calf muscles killed I had a sore calf muscle for ages and was walking like a granny, week 2 ran down a counrty lane and almost got flattened by a lorry - almost gave up .. repeated W2R2 - week three ran in the park it almost killed me ..took to the gym bliss no hay fever and aircon too! over the coming weeks I had calf pain. back pain sacroilitis, fractured sacrum and a bra mulfunction when a "puppy" escaped whilst next to the gym hunk - then i beat Jesscia Ellis who was running she finnished i kept going! Next I brought new running trainers, running trousers that wick sweat away new tops and a super dopper bra - next i discovered compression socks calf pain - then I really started to love running. So far i've gone from 12st 8lbs to 11st 3lbs dropped two dress sizes, my blood pressure has really gone down and I feel and look great.

I would like to that all that have supported and encouraged me when I needed it for the kickings I had to get me out the door to run and to my wonderful body that has carried my round on all my runs i think I can now say I'M NO LONGER A COUCH POTATOE IM A RUNNER....EAT MY SHORTS :)


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24 Replies

  • Well done and congratulations! Loved reading your 'journey'! Amazing what a difference some new gear can do isn't it?!

  • Sure is I;d like some more for christmas now!

  • Great summary of your journey and well done! Eat my shorts indeed! :)

  • Go girl!! Your blog made me lol. You have done brilliantly. You have had a fantastic weight loss too, have u been dieting or is it just the exercise? CONGRATULATIONS!!

  • Great blog! Well done.

  • Congratulations, red!!!! What a wonderful story of your journey!!

    After I read your blog I stopped and thought for a moment. I realized something...the greatest transition we make in this program often times have less to do with how far we run and more to do with the people who we become. The confidence, the attitude, the change in who we are...that my friend, is the greatest accomplishment you have accomplished!! Well, BRILLIANTLY DONE!!

    Congratulations on the new you...emotional, physical and mental!! Enjoy your success and get ready to sport that new "Graduate" badge!! You have certainly earned it and it is going to look great on you!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • WELL DONE YOU! :-) Congratulations Graduate for completing the program and the weight loss! I can feel you smiling through the computer! Wishing you a continued successful running future and please stay on here! Gayle

  • Congratulations redfacwoman - well done you :-)

    Great blog - and an amazing journey - thanks for sharing your success!

    Keep running :-)

  • 12 hours later still grinning like an idiot !

  • That will continue for some time :-). Well done, its an amazing journey!

  • Congrats RFW - a great achievement & blog

    Made me smile

    Happy continued running


  • Woo Hooo - massive congratulations RFW - enjoy the feeling and keep us posted on your post grad runs!

    Susan XX

  • Brilliant RFW!! Congratulations to you and look how quickly you got your badge - amazing!

    It truely is a journey of change, mentally and physically, and how great do we feel at the end?!

    But this is only the beginning; keep progressing, setting little goals along the way and enjoy your running experience.

    Best of luck!

    Sue x

  • ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! well done!!

    smashing blog and a smashing smashing achievement!

    keep on running and blogging!

    im soo glad you stuck with it and GRADUATED!!

    shorts - eaten!!


  • Woot woot - fantastic result. Thanks for making me smile.

    Keep grinning - you can be very pleased with yourself.


  • Amazing.......well done!!

  • That's absolutely amazing, Red - well done you!! And thank you for making me laugh with your brilliant story - what a fabulous journey you've had. I'm 2 runs away from graduating and having just looked at the weather forecast for this week seriously thought about delaying running for a few days until I read your blog. You are an inspiration - I will not give in to mere rain but I will be inspired like you and get out there! Keep running and keep blogging!

  • Congratulations. Brilliant. So pleased for you. Not an easy journey for you but you are a runner now. Whoopie.

  • Fantastic achievement - well done! And a great blog too :)

  • Well done and what a brilliant account of how you got here, sounds eerily familiar :-)

    Such a great achievement and so many benefits to what we have accomplished, you should be really proud of yourself :-)

  • Well done, I think my smile at reading your post was almost as big as your smile must have been when you finished your graduation run! What a great journey and this is just the beginning of the new graduate you :-D

    'eat my shorts', tee he, indeed!

  • Well done Missus! And ouch at the broken sacrum, which made me wince.

  • Yes it was one of the most painful things i've done! but the graduation makes up for it

  • Well done Redface - what a wonderful achievement. This programme proves we can change who we are and who we become. Great weight loss and determination, Sara :-)

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