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I really need to vent!!!

So a week ago today I completed W4R3. I was really on a high and felt great apart from my left Achilles was a bit sore. Since then I have not been able to run. This last week has been horrid! I am so moody and frustrated..almost to tears. I have searched the Internet for advice and have also posted on here...thank you to those of you who responded. I have tried the tip toe stairs exercise a few times, but it really hurts and I'm not sure if I'm helping or making things worse! I know it's only been a week but this programme is so much more to me than just exercise. If I was to see some kind of physio therapist who would it be????

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I can sympathize, I can't run half as much as I'd like to atm because of a bashed knee. Seeing someone like a sports physio sounds like a good idea, but as I don't live in the UK I don't know how you'd go about this. Sorry, I'm not really helping much here, am I, apart from the tea and sympathy bit... :-(

If an injury doesn't improve within a week or so I think seeing an expert, who has your leg right there in front of him, is so much better than treating yourself. Like you say you don't want to make things worse, and there's probably something quite simple you can do to help it.

Get better soon and don't worry too much - just about everything does get better in time!


I really feel your frustration becks! I'm sure you have had all this advice already but the main things are to apply RICE - that is Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation; gentle calf stretching exercise like the one you mention; get a gait analysis done if you havent had one to get correct shoes for your running style; physio, sports therapist or massage; consider wearing a heel lift to keep the tendon from overstretching, even in regular walking.

The more you can strengthen the calf muscles the more it will help prevent achilles problems so try and find a variety of these. Try an achilles stretch squat:

From standing, bend your kness and lower into a squat position. Balance on the balls of your feet with your fingertips touching the floor. Hold for a bit the take your weight onto your hands sit back and straighten your legs ready to repeat the move.

Unfortunately it is a stubborn injury so could take a while to recover from so best to avoid getting back to running until completely healed. I know you dont want to hear that but you really dont want to make it worse and then be out for longer.

Be patient becks and I wish you well! Sue x


I sympathise. I had similar problems a few months ago. A painful achilles is not much fun. I found the exercise of calf raises on the stair to be too strenuous in the first couple of weeks, tho' I do them regularly now after every run. I concentrated on more gentle calf stretches. You might find the Strength & Flexibility podcasts useful as they contain gentle stretches (Laura again to guide you thru' it). It may be useful to see a sports therapist who could advise on stretches for your specific injury and on your running style to help prevent future injury. Good luck!


Can't really offer advice not already given but want to tell you I hope you are up and running soon...pain free of course! Sending healing thoughts!! Gayle


Hi, Becks. Sounds like you need to see a Physio. I've had Physiotherapy for a couple of issues in the past, including a calf strain, and it was well worth it. A good Physio will give you sound advice and exercises for you to do between treatments so you recover as quickly as possible. Good luck x


No Achilles advice from me, but keep your head up! I can't imagine how frustrated you are, but take care of that Achilles so that you can return.

I had to see a doctor about week 4 concerning Plantar Fasciitis. It was the best decision I made throughout the whole program. She quickly treated me, encouraged me to keep running and assured me that we would work through the injury and get me back on track.

As Sue said above, RICE and stretching were a tremendous help to me. It was explained to me that everything from your toes to your calf are connected, including the Achilles. So, stretching ALL of that area would also help ALL of that area.

Take care of that injury, kick the non-running blues and know that you will be back!!

Best Wishes!! :-)



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