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Really need to stick at it this time!

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So I am mum of two young children with a full time job who used to love sport until the little ones arrived. Sadly I have been unable to commit the time to more organised exercise but am desperate to feel the happy endorphins that come from exercise and the positive health benefits again. My problem is finding the time and the kids are very clingy - I bribed my almost four year old with a bit of her Easter egg to let me leave the house for 30mins to do run 2 today! Any tips on keeping motivated and finding the time greatly appreciated. Really need to stick at it this time!

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All my tips are in this post

Have a great time on this great journey.

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CJDaviesGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you- some great advice in here

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Check out IannodaTruffe 's [post..there is so much great advice there.

Is there any way you could get out early, before small ones wake... some folk are able to do that... or.. and I know it seems really tricky, after they are in bed? Lunch time at work?

Maybe a time you could arrange with a friend who would watch the small ones... I know someone who used to go to a safe play area and ran around the perimeter while they played with their chums.

I am as ever, in awe of the awesome Mamas who do this programme... I hope you can find a way to make those work :) Keep us posted... :)

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CJDaviesGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you, I think being on here will make a difference in giving me that push when I need it

Hi - I have a 21month old and also work, so understand your problem! I try to go twice during the week on my lunch break and then early on Sunday mornings while my husband watches the little one. I regularly don’t manage to fit in all three runs, but if i’m struggling I reckon it’s better to just do one or two in a week rather than none! I’m currently on week six (although I probably started the programme about 10/12 weeks ago). It’s difficult when they don’t want you to leave, but I think it makes me a better, calmer mummy when I come back full of endorphins and positive about the day ahead - keep going!

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Thank you- good point that two runs or even one is better than none; will bear that in mind if I have a tough week.

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I was reading about this in women’s running mag. One runner said she lets her children know she is going out for her run. They know she is going and that it’s mum’s time. She says it’s good for them to have a positive link between mummy and exercise.

You could subscribe to women’s running and let them look at it while you’re out 💪🙂👍🏃‍♀️

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CJDaviesGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thank you- I think they’d rather a CBeebies mag! Involving them is a good idea though.

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misswobbleGraduate in reply to CJDavies

Junior Parkrun! 😃

Amazing that you've started the programme! Keep it up!

I have two kids (2 and 5) and work 32hrs/week. I go for runs either early in the morning before the kids are up or after work but before I pick them up from daycare. On the weekend I'm pretty unapologetic about needing my time and just let my husband know ahead of time when I plan to go so he knows he's on for solo parenting.

The more you take time away from them, and return when you said you would, the more they'll come to understand that it's ok, mum is coming back. Perhaps ask your partner to support you by doing a fun activity with the kids while you're out, or taking them to a park, etc. It's also quite healthy to model for them that you're taking time for yourself, you're doing physical activity and have a goal you're working toward. :)

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CJDaviesGraduate in reply to Amandana

Thank you. I think advance warning is a great idea for the other half. I miss having something that is just for me so will be great to have a goal and as you say will actually be good for the kids to see that.

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Hi, I am the same - I have a 1 and a 4 year old and have nearly finished week 2. Mine are also a bit clingy so I've been going either straight after they have gone to bed or before while my husband puts them in the bath. Mornings are NOT an option for me because they wake up so damn early and I'm not a morning person - anyway we all have to leave early for work/nursery etc. I haven't really done any aerobic exercise at all since the big one was born and expected to hate it, but I'm actually really enjoying so far - the yellow tick in the box after each run makes me feel great, along with the post run glow and knowing that I'm finally back to doing something positive for my ticker, that's my motivation! Good luck with it :O)

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CJDaviesGraduate in reply to mrs_wilson

Thank you, great to hear it is making you feel good. I too will struggle with mornings due to our lovely(but a little too early) son alarm clock and the general morning madness. After bedtime may become easier as it gets lighter but the eldest has just dropped off now and all I want to do is head to the couch!

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I’be got no better advice than the helpful posts above (am stealing some ideas!!) But feel your pain and am in the same position. I can only run twice a week and have to book my husband for the weekend in advance!!! It might be challenging but we’ll find a way. Good luck. 👍👍🎉

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CJDaviesGraduate in reply to 18Windmill

Thank you for the support- we can do this right 👍

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