I really, really hate running

To get you up-to-speed - I 'graduated' at the start of the year, and was working well lowering my 5k time and running longer distances. I had a few issues (really bad hayfever & medical stuff) which impacted my progress and it all started to regress.

I was frustrated that I lost the ability to run 5k - I blamed it on everything I could but I have realised something lately. The reason UI am having issues is that I really hate running. I liked the challenge of doing the 5k, loosing weight etc... but the running.... I hate it.

So i have accepted that I am not a fan of running, but I love what it had done for me. So I have backtracked to week 7 again. It is surprisingly straight forward, and I have given myself new targets. A 10k next summer, and more weight to loose.

So, who else hates running? :)


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11 Replies

  • I think I may hate spinning. Does that count?

    (I think, also, that I'd better work on that developing hate, and learn to anticipate spinning day more than pump iron day).

  • I can't say I enjoy it exactly. I guess while there is the structure of C25K I am pitting myself against the programme to prove I can do it. When I finish, I will only have my own goals to work towards, not sure it will be the same unless I come up with good reasons to keep going.

    It is really for fitness and health I am doing it and to support my healthy diet hoping to see weight loss. None of it is for fun exactly but I am satisfied, feel proud of myself and I am improving my determination and strength.


  • For fitness, health and weight loss -- you know that we burn up around the same amount of calories when either walking or running a mile?? The only difference between the two is the time taken to do it.

  • If you hate running - then don't run - or better still change your personal definition of what it means to "run". I have come to realise that I don't like running non-stop for long distances - so now I don't -- I run/walk them!!

    My main purpose now is to stay fit, keep weight off - and I quite enjoy some aspects of running. So - I do whatever I need to do to keep myself doing "it" -- what the "it" really is for me is just "moving" -- I don't really like walking much either so I don't do too much of that either.

    Got to go - the sun will soon be up and I'm off to do a 16Klm run/walk - part of my current HM training.

  • In the past I have hated running, when I went out and tried to run without building any fitness. I think that was the problem, I was trying to run before I could walk as the saying goes. Not sure most people would enjoy gasping for breath. I feel it's different this time round. C25k has helped me build my fitness levels up gradually and now I can enjoy the run, zone out and just go with it. I also find it fun accomplishing new targets. Sorry if that's not the response you wanted :-) good luck.

  • Ps, that's not to say I don't have some bad runs, I do.

  • I didn't realise how much I love running until I had a month on the IC ;)

  • I can't really figure out my relationship with running, when I'm doing it I find every step hard and can't wait to stop - then immediately start planning and looking forward to my next run..

  • Not me. I just love running. I love the "me" time, the peace and quiet. I can dream away, talk to myself, smell the roses. I find it exhilarating

  • I don't like running, but I love the sense of achievement. So it's the buzz of achievement that gets me out the door. Plus of course my aim to be fitter keeps me going out the door.

    I like buying running gear, not sure if that counts for anything !

  • I will be brutally honest with you- please find something else that you do love. I cannot imagine why anyone would start running if they find they hate it? That makes me feel so sad..well done for completing C25k and progressing but please don't waste your life doing this if you hate it...life is far too short!!! enjoy it :)

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