Week 1 is done! But do I need to repeat if I didn't do the brisk walks?

Hi everyone,

So I've been losing weight for just over 9 months without any exercise, but figured I should start this week. I finished my 3rd run of week one tonight!

However, I haven't really done any of the three runs properly. Run 1 was a mess, I didn't do the brisk walks nor did I do the full 60 seconds of running. I think I may have ran too fast.

So for Run 2, I paced myself better. Completed the eight 60 second runs successfully, but the 90 second brisk walks didn't happen!

Same for Run 3. For whatever reason I found this run harder than the last one, but nevertheless finished each 60 second run, but no brisk walks.

The brisk walks didn't happen because after the runs, I was just too tired and really needed that interval to try and catch my breath back.

How did you guys do during week one? Should I repeat the week, or perhaps just pace myself better during week 2? I do feel like I've accomplished something as it's the first time I've done exercise in public for years (a big fear of mine!)


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  • It is completely up to you - but bear in mind that there is no hurry for you to finish this programme. Many people have taken more than 9 weeks to complete it.

    The brisk walks are there for a reason -- firstly to warm you up before the exercise and to cool you down after the exercise - and during the exercise, after each 1 minute run, they are meant to give you a bit of a rest from the running -- I said "a bit of a rest" -- not a 5 minute kip on the chaise lounge!!! :)

    I would recommend that you do the first week over again - that way you can tell yourself "I HAVE COMPLETED IT -PROPERLY!!!". It is a great feeling to be able to say that and know that it is true - makes you want MORE!!!! :)

  • Sounds like you are going to fast..slow down .....I would just try 1 more go at wk1 you need to be abe to walk to recover and see if its better going slower.....cause 90 seconds of running might be too much......good luck. .

  • Walk, it's important. But mine were never brisk, I'm a plodder when I stroll. It's good to keep moving though.

  • If I were you I would repeat week 1 as the weeks get harder you need to be ready for that. Do the runs really slowly. Slower than you think. Around same speed as brisk walk, just make sure you're running. Jogging really. Week 4 onwards are hard and if you're not ready for that you may give in. So 1 Run really slowly,

    2 Repeat each week and 3 think positively. You can do this.

  • Firstly, congratulations on starting and on losing weight. You have taken the first BIG step.

    The programme is pretty well thought out, but it is best used as a guide. If you follow it religiously (injury and time issues aside) you can achieve the goal of 5k or 30 mins of running in 9 weeks...but it is not an absolute. Many take far longer, some less time, some stop and re-start...it is up to you. What IS important is that you are out there doing it.

    PLEASE do NOT give up. You CAN do it; we WILL support you; but remember, it is not a race. There are no prizes for finishing early; there are no prizes for coming first.

    Take it s...l...o...w...l...y and you WILL get there. Rush, and you may fall.

    Good luck, and keep us informed.

  • I would be tempted to redo week 1. I did some repeat while doing the program and it helped me.

  • clearly brisk is a term open to interpretation, I am not sure mine were particularly brisk. I would suggest that you repeat the week to make sure you are ready to move on. The walks (however fast or slow) are an important part of the programme, so it's better to make sure you include them. There is no rush, so don't worry about doing the runs again, and make sure you go slow enough that you can recover during the walks. If you get it right at the beginning, it will be easier to progress through the weeks. Well done for getting out there in the first place! Take it steady and keep going! All the best and enjoy!

  • You are doing brilliantly, however I would suggest that you take it slowly, don't run too fast- it's a jog not a sprint ( you can save that for later in the programme)..... As Bazza says it might be worth doing week 1 again to get your confidence up and get used to the running....๐Ÿ˜Ž

  • Well done for losing weight & getting off the couch.

    I think, like the others say, you are running too fast. My jog speed is about thesame as my brisk walk, so take it slower.

  • If you didn't stop at any point, if you walked when Laura said walk and had a running motion when Laura said run... **never mind what speed**... then you've successfully completed that session. If not, do it again (more slowly). It took me 12+ attempts over more than six weeks I think to do the required 3 successful sessions.... but progress is not linear and I didn't need to do another extra session for the rest of C25K.

    Difficulty with *brisk* walking is the whole reason I started running.

  • Hi, this is my second attempt at c25k. After giving up last year. I am morbidly obese weighing in at 19 stone. However after giving up I joined a gym, a controversial one but women only. Then this year I decided to take up c25k again. I don't think it's fair anyone seeing my weight being shift around trying to wobble, so I was doing it on the house. I got too quick and was bashing into walls and going dizzy. So I bought a treadmill. I'm now on to week 3 but it's taken me all year!! I wait until I've perfected the week before and feel ready to move on. So yeah, take as long as you want and when you feel ready. That rather than give up. Week 3 is killing me haha!! However if I don't feel comfortable after a few weeks I'm going to drop back to week 2. It's the last 3 min run. I had hubby shouting encouragement which didn't help lol.

    Keep on running............

  • Hello diva, and well done on your hard work.

    Just wanted to say, as a runner and as a member of the public with eyes and a brain, seeing someone overweight out for a run (and yeah, probably wobbling a fair bit, but all bodies wobble when you shake 'em) REALLY IS NOT OFFENSIVE. Tshirts with horrible slogans, parents being rude to their kids, crappy 1960s architecture, abandoned dog poo and dropped litter are unfair and offensive. A fat girl out for a run is not (and people who think it is should 1.get a life and 2. Consider, if they find a heavy body so unpleasant, why they're bothered by seeing someone try to get to a healthier weight).

    Sorry for the rant, but just really don't think you should be stuck inside because of other people's opinions. x

  • Diva, I second Tea Fairy's comment. In fact I second it with big hairy knobs on. If you want to go outdoors to run, just do it!

    And OP, fwiw, if you were moving, rather than sitting on your bum during the walking parts, you did it. 'Brisk' is subjective. Sounds like you might need to slow down a bit though? You sound dead hard on yourself, that you have lost weight and then taken up exercise is fantastic, you rock!

  • completely agree. Well done for running. As soon as you feel you are able get outside. When you complete w9 you must do Parkrun. Go watch one week and see for yourself that not everyone has a six pack...I wish...and no-one, but no-one will do anything but encourage you.

  • Personally - I think that you (Deadendsvillediva) are inspiring!!! You are an inspiration for me (an older man who has already graduated C25K) and for others. Why?? Well, anybody who has the sheer tenacity to run around inside their house in an attempt to complete C25K shows the determination necessary to take you MUCH MUCH further than that!! :)

    I would say -- get yourself outside!! and DO IT!!! Join Parkrun NOW!! - not after you have graduated C25K. Do one of your weekly C25K runs as part of parkrun - warmup/cool down walks and all!! You will be warmly welcomed at parkrun -- they LOVE people like you!! :)

  • well done on taking that all important 1st steps :D bazza is right there is hard and fast rule about taking 9 weeks or how many rest days in-between runs .

    I think "brisk" is dependent on the individual , do what feels right for you .. It also takes time for your body to adjust to your new regime and running so don't push yourself to hard ,run as slow as you need to to complete the timed runs and then be able to walk "briskly" in between ..

    keep at it you doing just fine, good luck and keep posting on your progress :D

  • Well done for starting, and welcome to this addictive club! If it helps at all, it took me 50 runs to graduate, not the standard 27 because I repeated runs and entire weeks as necessary. I think it's important to push yourself a bit, because otherwise I'd still be sitting on that couch, but I knew that if I really couldn't complete I'd just give up. So I repeated runs until I felt I might just possibly nearly almost make the next week with a bit of luck and a following wind - and most of the time, I did! I agree with what people here have said, though - you might need to slow down. Pace and distance can come later. For now, concentrate on doing those runs slowly, take the walks to catch your breath, and enjoy the achievement. Happy running :)

  • Thanks for all the replies guys! Very encouraging and helpful!

    Dammit I should've said this in my original post, I didn't think :P But I do always walk, I never stop. They're just never brisk, it's just my normal walking pace.

  • Don't go too fast, listen to the music and feel proud of yourself. You CAN do it !

  • I think if you are just walking normally that is ok. I would maybe do week 1 again to make sure you are happy with it. I had to repeat a few weeks before I finally graduated. You can do it.

  • Hi Matt

    So have you been losing weight without exercise only I was told you need to exercise as well. Interested

  • Hi Suzy,

    I'll message you so as to not go off topic! :)

  • ok thanks

  • I was not always slim as I am now, hence my name, and I'd urge you to get outdoors for your runs. I went in the car to the local countrypark and ran there where no-one I knew would see me. I was amazed how much Nike pants held in my wobbly bits.

    Don't stint on the warm-up and cool downs. That's how you stretch ready to run and stretch to cool down your warmed up muscles. You don't want to get hurt! So remember to do them!

    I lost weight initially by borrowing a dog and walking it regularly. I joined WW and began to lose weight. Having lost quite a bit I felt like I could run and it was a lady at WW class that put me on to C25k and I never looked back. It was just the thing I needed to finish helping my weight loss. Running regularly has seen my weight continuing to come off. You have to eat healthily though. There's no easy short cuts. Once you get into it though it's second nature

    Good luck with it, and whatever happens, keep going!

  • Sorry to take over here, just want to say thanks to all those who gave me encouragement on this thread. I though doing it as a post would be better than replying to all and defo taking over.

    I forgot to say I have since lost nearly 4 stone. However I do the gym 4 times per week and my run 3 times per week. I do leave a day off inbetween, so means one of my days I run and gym. I have also changed my diet and drink plenty of water.

    I wish I did have the courage to run outdoors but one I will. I'm unsure of park runs? What are these and how do you find out if you have them in your area?

    I still have a long way to go before I'm doing 5k but I don't care how long it takes, I'll get there!!

    Thanks everyone and hang in there Matt.

  • personally my walk style although normally ' brisk' is more of a stagger at the end.. so I shouldn't worry about it..

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