Suggestions please - I really want to graduate!

I'm currently on week 7 and did my second run of the week. I'm so enjoying the programme, and haven't felt this fit since I was in my teens.

My problem lies in the 'issue' I have next week - I am due to go abroad on holiday for a week. My current plan is to finish week 7 on Wednesday this week, start week 8 on Friday.

If I leave the days rest in between, it means that I'll only be able to run 9 once before I go away, so will not graduate!

I know when I'm abroad, I'll have a weeks rest, so when I come back should I continue with week 9, or go back to week 7 or 8?

Anybody who has dealt with this themselves, I would welcome your comments.

Thanks, Jeremy


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  • I would say when you come back from holiday try to just carry on as you didn't have a break, you might be surprised on how your body reacts even after a few days rest! worst can happen is to loose a day,interrupt the training and go back to whatever week you think is suitable for you at that time! I have just graduated but I did "fail" a couple of times to finish whatever training I was supposed to do but did not mind to kind of go back a little bit! It's up to you ....keep running!! :)

  • I had similar problem so I took my running gear with me and did the runs on holiday. I found the change of scenery helped and feeling relaxed was a bonus

  • I have a job which takes me abroad a couple of times a month. As Chrissy13 suggests, take your running gear and run wherever you are.

  • Hi, Yeh, definately take your running stuff with you and run early/late if it is hot there. Accept the challenge - Go For It!

  • I will take my running gear, as suggested as I really want to graduate! May go for an early morning run. Thanks Newstart for the advice, I suppose if I don't run when I'm away, I'll only be behind a week or so.

  • Hi boyoscarlet,

    Yep, take your gear with you. I was just going to suggest getting out early before the heat builds up (not sure if you were going somewhere nice and hot or not!) but then I read below that you run on a treadmill anyway. If the hotel hasn't got a treadmill, just go out early anyway and treat yourself by running outside. Nobody knows you so if its the embarrassment factor you have less to worry about! Just take it nice and easy as if you haven't been putting the treadmill on at least a 1% incline, you might find the "outside world" a bit tougher!


  • I have read a few posts here that people have gone on holidays and came back and just picked up where they left off. Unfortunately for me it didn't happen that way. I graduated and got one more run in before two weeks holidays. I was camping and I am an indoor treamill runner so I didn't run on holidays...just couldn't go in public as I am so overweight. I did LOTS of walking and so when I came back I tried to do a 30 min run and failed miserably. I decided instead of trying again I would just drop back and do a few interval runs and less than two weeks I was back to 30 min runs. I'd say do whatever you feel comfortable doing and when you do get back if you try and don't suceed in picking up where you left off, the next run just step back a week or so... Good luck! You might surprise yourself...

  • Thanks Runcanada, I'm also a treadmill runner, so may find the hotel has a treadmill! I'm also thinking that if I don't run for a week, I'll find it incredibly hard to run for 25-30 minutes, but may find that I am actually able to.

    Let's see in a few weeks!

  • I did three weeks of the programme away from home while I was on tour earlier in the year and it was interesting running in new places - without my customary hills here, what a relief! I did some on the treadmill in hotels but it was better outside. As they all said, take your stuff with you and give it a go.

  • Will do suki_007. I usually run on the treadmill, but will try an outside run to try to maintain my fitness.

  • It can be really good to run in different places. We just got back from a week at the Edinburgh Festival and I took my kit and two two training runs on Leith Water Way (a disused railway track on the river, I wasn't performing a running miracle!) and a 10k event at Loch Lomond. You can holiday and run!


  • I went to Spain for 10 days and managed 2 runs on the programme (but also did a Davina work out and lots of swimming). Definitely worth doing a run or two while you're away, you'll feel great and my run along the beach front made me feel like I was in Miami!!! Good luck ;-)

  • Sounds good, will give it a try!

  • I've got the same problem. My W9 falls within a trip to Ibiza, perhaps not the best preparation for three 30min runs !!

    I am going to take my kit with me (a first !) however we are staying in a villa and there is no treadmill. I have completed all the runs so far outside but as we are staying up in the hills feel I have to consider that running in a strange country with my ipod in is maybe not the safest idea.

    Although I am desparate to graduate in the 9 weeks, figure if I get back and can go straight in to week 9 and complete it then fair dos, if not I'll re-do week 8 and finish the following week.

  • We planned this well, didn't we! Good luck and enjoy your holiday!

  • My experience was a 9 day break between week 7 & 8, I didn't feel it at all - in fact the first run when I got back was one of the best I've ever had, I was raring to go. Whatever you decide to do though, best of luck for the rest of C25k. :-)

  • Thanks for the message - I hope I have as much enthusiasm when I return from my holiday!

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