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*really* need to run tomorrow morning

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Hi all,

Bit of a week here in icklegui-land. I've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (will start levo as soon as prescription comes through). I'm also snowed under the usual amount with work/thesis and also have made the hideous mistake of joining our residents' committee. I care about where I live, so... anyway. I've already had to gently bash down a slightly racist comment which I am *not* good at standing up against (more overt racism is easier to point out!).


I need a run. Week 9 run 2, tomorrow morning. Make sure I do it, eh? I last ran on Sunday.

Any tips re: hypothyroid, exercise, and especially with the taking of the hormone, gratefully received. The thyroid forums are a bit angry (understandably; diagnosis and treatment of thyroid issues seems a bit difficult).

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Sounds like you are going through alot right now. Though I don't have any advice, I do know that the running has helped me deal with personal stress and gain a better perspective on my situation. And you are so close to completion so do yourself a favour and do your run and you will feel good about it!

You do have a lot on your plate and you clearly need to run! Maybe you should ask your medical professional the questions you have. I don't know anything about hypothyroidism but imagine tiredness is a factor?

I wish you all the best for your final two runs 🤗

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Hi there - I also have hypothyroidism and it made me tired for the longest time- chronically tired - More sluggish than anything - I went to see a functional medicine doctor as I am not into taking medications as such - so now I am on a natural dessicated thyroid tablet, which is so much better- the doctor also told me I need to exercise more to help with my metabolism which of course is all controlled by the thyroid - Interesting this as when first diagnosed many people are exhausted until it balances out with medication - Interestingly enough once I started exercising again I did feel so much better - I too hated this miserable thyroid communities - If you are interested in alternative treatments I can recommend some people to follow who give the best advice on thyroid - Not sure where you live, but I do know that in the UK now you can get these natural thyroid tablets on prescription - but you will need to ask for it - Levo and thyroxine apparently only provide one hormone, whereas the other i take works with all TSH, T3 and T4 - Hope this helps

My daughter was born with no thyroid function at all so I have been very actively into the whole thyroid issue for a long time.

My first piece of advice would be steer clear of the thyroid forums. Not only do they tend to be flame pits of vitriol, they are also generally crawling with all manner of woo and pseudoscience and general illinformed quackery.

second would be: be prepared for a bit of topsyturviness at first when you start taking the levothyroxine. Our hormonal systems are much interconnected and whenever you start or increase dosage of a hormone treatment it will have knock on effects on other hormones, with all that entails. This may manifest itself differently in different people, obvs. Some people report tiredness, my daughter always gets really hyper energetic, has difficulty sleeping, moodswings etc. This can be troublesome obviously, but generally settles down reasonably quickly as the body gets used to the new levels of the hormone. A lot of people seem to get freaked out by this and immediately stop taking the thyroxine without waiting for their system to settle down and get shrieky about this being proof the drugs don't work.

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Thank you so much everyone. I did the run. It was fantastic. I'll reply properly later x

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Decker I do feel I can take on the stresses better too, I don't know where I would be without running now. As for perspective I realise also my health issues are no biggie comparative to some; equally, I have a lot else to deal with (that I didn't mention) so I might give myself some credit for just keeping on.

Irishprincess I knew as I posted that I shouldn't really have sounded like I wanted medical advice; I see a lot of it on other forums and people just end up swapping anecdata and getting riled up, worried or imagining things, and of course I will keep up with my GP. Just a bit lost with my new diagnosis...thank you for your kind words.

Rignold and Jan-52 - thank you very much for sharing your personal stories, very much appreciated. I am somewhat relieved to find that I am not the only one backing away fast from the thyroid forums. I will start with the levo, and keep running, and I shall hope to feel better but I'll be patient. I hope you and yours are all as well as can be.

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