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I need someone to pinch me - did I really graduate today?

Never thought I'd get to this day and was so in awe of everyone who had got their 'graduate' badge because it felt like something that was totally out of my reach. It was the first time I've been really nervous of a run - because I get so roasting hot running even on a cold day I couldn't face going in this heat, but due to other committments I had to get my last run done today even though it has been scorching. At 15 minutes I was struggling and the last 10 minutes were pure punishment but was determined to not fail at this run and almost collapsed in a heap when 30 minutes was up. The brisk 5 minute walk at the end was more a case of stumbling along in disbelief that I hadn't passed out in the heat! This site has been fantastic for so much advice, support and encouragement and my thanks go to all of you out there for passing on your knowledge, experience and kind words - you've all really helped me to keep going and reach graduation. Yippee!!! :)

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Well done you, running in hot weather isn't easy - and you did it!! That's quite some achievement! And now you've graduated you can go out running 'just for fun', do exactly what you like in terms of distance, time, music etc - freedom!

Happy running!


Thanks Mitts, I'm not really sure where to go from here as Laura has told me what to do each time and I feel like I've got too much choice now, but I'm not running 5K yet so think I'm going to start with working towards that and worry about speed later, and I'm definitely looking forward to my own music :)


You could try the 5K+ podcasts, you don't need to be hitting 5K to do that. Speed is only 16 minutes but tough, Stepping stones and Stamina are about 35 minutes. When I graduated I did one Speed, one Stamina (Stepping Stones is similar to Stamina but slower) and one run to my own music. That worked fine till I **!!?*ed my knees, and after that I stuck to treadmilling for a long time and I still do at least half my runs there. Hitting 5K in 33-35 now.

I would start with Stepping Stones going on to Stamina if you find it too slow, and then try Speed. But do your own music first of all, nothing like it! The times I have trundled round the woods with George Michael and Gerry Rafferty...


Many, many congratulations upon your graduation .... And in such heat too! Well done! :D

Shame you'll have to wait for your badge, but, hey, what a great reason for celebrating. I'm hardly able to do about 3ks around my block in this heat - there's just no air about!

Lots of luck with your future running .... You're certainly not alone in making 5k your next target... I too have attempted the follow on podcasts... Not really my style at all, so am just enjoying my own music and will reach targets as and when....take care. Cheers, Linda x


Thank you Linda, I'm so glad I've completed W9R3 but am going to wait until we get some cooler weather before going out again, I nearly didn't make it due to the heat and am definitely not a warm weather runner. I've had a look at the Couch to 5k+ podcasts and am going to try those first and see how I get on with them, or like you will just enjoy running to my own music and not worry about targets but just be glad that I'm not on the couch anymore :)


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