Couch to 5K

Can I really do this?

I think may be I can! !!!!

This all came about because my daughter 13yrs wanted to do the Race for Life this year, as my dad passed away last year. Anyway I had consumed a bottle of red wine sitting on the sofa watching rubbish tv one Saturday night, over weight and 42yrs old, and my mega fit daughter who runs for the local harriers says "I can't enter without an adult". I'm blaming the wine at this point as I said "I'll do it with you, if I can't run I'll walk". There has been much laughing at thought of me sticking to something remotely healthy and my ex husband said "I'll believe that when I see it"


I will be doing Week 3 run 2 tomorrow and considering I was sick after week 1 run 1, couldn't breath or eat anything for 2hrs after (the lack of eating bit was a bonus) I'm kind of excited. That first run was so hard I had serious doubts about being able to do C25K. I found this site and read that a lot of people really struggled with their first run which spurred me on, I never thought I could run for 3min none stop.

I have already seen some benifits not as tired, clothes looser and I have lost 6lb (I am trying to eat healthy too). The race is in 3 weeks so I will be running and walking and just about to start week 6. I wish I had herd about C25K started this sooner.

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Well done for getting this far! Keep at it, even after your race with your daughter.

I know you can do it!


Go it you "can do this"!!!! But don't go fast and exhaust yourself. Slow and steady is the best way.


you definately can do it!!! by the time you reach week 8 you will be flying ! hope you enjoy the race and keep running in the future.


The programme is amazing - it really works, honest! My 13 year old will not be seen anywhere near me when I'm in my running gear even though she's a runner too but I think she's impressed that I've got to Week 7! So am I because, at week 3 I really struggled with the last 3 minute run. Keep going!


yes you can, by week 6 you should be running 20 minutes, Lots of people complete the race with a mixture of walking and running, Just go at your own pace and you will be fine.

In the meantime good luck with the program and congratulations on your obvious health benefits.


Thanks for all your lovely positive comments. I'll keep reading all your blogs and that will keep me going. I will definitely carry on after the Race for Life, running the whole 5k at week 9 seems impossible at the moment but then again i never thought I'd get to week 3 let alone actually enjoy it.


Well done. Your own enjoyment of the programme will be a great motivator, as well as your race for life with your daughter. All the very best with the race and your future runs.


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