Couch to 5K

I'm on wk6r2 and really into this programme. I need some holiday advice!

I'm going on holiday next week and I really don't want to lose momentum. I have a strong track record of being a bit flaky when it comes to exercise and at the moment I'm in a good routine and feel very self disciplined. I'm worried that going away will ruin this or in some way put me back. I've thought about taking my running shoes and carrying on regardless but it'll be icy terrain I'm not sure it will be possible to do. Has anyone had a break in the programme and does it affect your fitness?

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Noticed your post as I am at same stage (W6R2) but sadly not going on holiday! Why not use your, or nearby, hotel's or local gym's treadmill. It will keep you on track and avoid slipping, twisting an ankle and setting you back a month? Good luck. It would also mean you can do it early when dark outside ( or late) rather than risk dark unknown roads/tracks.

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I had a 12 day holiday break after week 6. I didn't do any running while I was away but I did do LOTS of walking. When I got back I took myself out for a 15 minute 'fun' run to see if I'd lost anything, but I was OK, so I carried on with week 7 (after a rest day).


Me too! on Wk6 R2 on Friday, going skiing on Saturday. A bit nervous that I will lose it all over the week. Being realistic I will not get any runs in at all (probably wont even take trainers), but am hoping that the skiing will keep some of the fitness up. I will also need to try hard not to eat loads of yummy french food!

When I get back I might go back to week 5, just so I don't lose enthusiasm from it being to hard to start where I left off.


I had an enforced break due to verrucas, and I found that when I came back my legs felt it more than the rest of the body.

If you can, keep running by wearing the spike/grippy things that fit onto your running shoes. Failing that, as others have said, use the dreadmill.


Cheers everyone, I have got shoe grips so will have a go at running in them but I'm as unsteady as a baby giraffe at the best of times so it may go horribly wrong! We're travelling to remote parts so I'm pretty sure the 'dreadmill' ( love that! ) won't be an option but I hadn't thought of checking that out. If all else fails I might have to go back a week as Hennith and hpelly says.


Some good power walking with your snow spikes on will keep your fitness up. There is a big difference between losing a week's running due to holiday when you are still active than losing a week to illness. Once you are home don't delay getting back to it but test yourself with an easy run to see if you need to repeat the last week. Enjoy your holiday too.


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