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Am I really a runner?

I'm currently coming to the end of week 4 and have noticed some changes in myself.

I'm starting to think I may be able to class myself as a runner when I've realised the following:

I really look forward to my run days.

I get frustrated on my rest days.

I check out other runners technique, breathing and clothing.

I'm happier in the runners section of Sports Direct than I am in the sale section of Primark.

I am passionate about c25k and will try to convince everyone I know to give it a try.

I panic about when I will fit in a run if on holiday or at some social occasion.

I like the feeling of post exercise muscle aches.

I'm really looking forward to scary week 5.

I'm already mentally planning my post c25k graduate playlist.

Bad weather is not necessarily a bad thing or off putting on a run.

I am very excited about seeing the word Graduate after my name.

Within 4 weeks I have undergone this transformation. It's scary but it's great. I really like the new me. Ive definitly found its helping me with other aspects of my life. I suffer depression and the biggest thing has been the mental boost. Plus it helps with overall confidence and self esteem. The increasing lung capacity, fitness and stamina are great and I dont doubt it will help with weight loss too.

And although I don't post like I used to, I love the positivity and encouragement I read on this forum too.

I've definitly got the bug. Thankyou all. :)

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Hi Hezzabelle....I love your list !!

There is a point in the programme when lovely Laura actually tells you you're a runner, but I can't remember which week it is......however you certainly sound as if you've got all the right attributes in that impressive list !

I'm so with you on the mood boost and confidence thing, such a bonus side effect along with all the improvement to physical fitness .

Well done on completing W4 ...and enjoy Week 5 ( not that scary and with your attitude you will nail it I'm certain !)

Happy running :)


Wonderful post. I can relate to all points on your list. After years of wondering why on earth anyone would want to run but secretly wishing that I could I discovered this programme.

It's quite something.


Agree with everyone on here. And lovely to know running has helped with your depression Hezzabelle. I can understand that - there are so many positives about it, just the getting out in public, the discipline of what days to run, the not caring what anyone thinks who looks at you running, and the pat on the back afterwards because you've completed something that took a lot of effort, purely through the force of your own will! Not because anyone was making you- I know Laura's there on the podcast, but she's not actually physically with us, so she wouldn't know if we stopped. Or would she....???


Hi hezzabelle. I'm just starting week 4 and I feel much the same as you.... Though I may not after the first week 4 run tonight! It's amazing how you feel isn't it? I used to look at people running and think they were nutters.... Now I think I was the nutty one for not trying it earlier!


Love this!! I saw myself smiling to myself reading your list as it's the same list for me pretty much - though, I found that AudioFuel has turned into my running music. I love the beats and that you have a bit of guidance, similar to Laura. Keep it up! :-)


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