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Had to abandon a run for first time :( how long should i rest my hamstring?


Earlier this week I ran for 25 minutes and Laura told me I'm a runner. But now I'm hobbling about wonderng when I can run next.

I've had twinges of pain in soft tissue at the back of my knee and after wk6 r3 that became more constant. So I headed out yesterday to do a shorter run - one ofo the ones with 10mins x 2. By halfway trhough the second run it was really painful so I stopped and walked home really feeling like I'd come crashing down.

Having looked online I think it's my hamstring - so dosing up on ibuprofen which is helping. When I've been sitting for a while it's really painful to stand on it - although that adjusts to allow me to walk reasonably well.

So I'm going to have to give it a rest for a few days - on the grounds of more haste may mean less speed. Has anyone else had a hamstring injury - and any thoughts on how you know when a small injury is better? I need advice from other runners :)

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Firstly, sorry to hear you're injured. :( Rest it as much as possible, but if it doesn't heal of its own accord, please go see a Dr to be on the safe side. I hope it gets better soon.

parkbirdyGraduate in reply to Fraz73

thanks for the reassurance. I've really tried to rest it - just some gentle walking - and it is beginning to feel better.


Oh dear Parkbirdy, that's rotten luck :-(. Rest, ice, loads of arnica, anti-inflammatories, and THEN YES - to the Doc if it doesn't get better. The knowing you have to rest is the bum bit. Just as you are on track and get to know the runners who are on the same week as you etc. only to be held back and know that you have to rest.

In the meantime it may help to just do some very gentle flexing to stop the muscle from tightening up too much - BUT REALLY GENTLE.

Good luck and hope it all sorts itself out sooooon, Sara :-)

parkbirdyGraduate in reply to psarapsych

I think you're right - it's still sore but definitely better than 2 days ago. So I'll keep popping the pills and hopefully can begin to stretch it out properly in a could of days time. I've been grouching around at home today feeling fed up at not being able to fit in a run - but I keep telling myself that if I'm in this for the long haul what is a week or two.

psarapsychGraduate in reply to parkbirdy

Absolutely, that's good and positive thinking. I'm beginning to realise that attitude is really important just as much during the down times as well as the up times - really hard though so good on you :-). Good luck and here's to being out there soon - Sara x


Don't worry you won't loose your fitness. I pulled a muscle in the back of my thigh yesterday and am really gutted as I wanted to do a lot of training this weekend. It's best to wait for it to heal though as you could make things worse and be out for longer!

parkbirdyGraduate in reply to mark909

Thank you - I think even if I have to take a week or two out I might be able to restart without going back to the beginning. I'm going to try to do as many strengthening exercises as I can - a friend has lent me a running book and I think there are stretches and exercises I can do as soon as it feels a bit better.

and I'm never again going to just get out of bed and go for a run without lots of stretching beforehand!

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