My First Long Run

My First Long Run

My fellow running buds..

How are we all doing today/tonight. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are looking forward to the Easter Break... Bliss two weeks of 4 working days πŸ‘πŸ˜Š.

So tonight I decided to just run and see how I coped. A new route (well three routes merged into one) didn't know the total distance or if I would be able to complete the run.

Where do I start? Let's start with the idiotic Saul, so over the weekend I went and upgraded my phone and unfortunately hadn't set my running app correctly. Instead of recording of as a run out got logged as a cycle😠😒. I guess the distance and time are correct, just the speed is completely out. Any mathematicians out there?

Back to the run.... Nice evening, nice temp, perfect for a run. Off I went same old same old taking my time getting into my stride, settled down and ran.Obviously feedback was making no sense so decided to see the results once I got home.

Well the pics shows the results, even though I cycled πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, I'm well chuffed with the distance and time.

Must admit I can feel my legs talking to me already, but hey ho some things are worth it 😊.

Sorry if I've rambled on and possibly not made sense, still blown away by the distance.


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  • That's tremendous, Saul. I think (not sure) you should be able to edit your cycling activity to correct it, if not via the phone app then via web browser. Hope you're a West Ham fan.

  • Thank you. Just tried to edit it, it allows to change from cycle to run but the stats all remain the same. Nah not a hammers fan, Chelsea I'm afraid.

  • Great work! :)

  • If distance and time are correct, does it not follow speed must be too? *.47 km in 53mins sounds pretty much 9.5 km/h

  • Yeah, but bikes go faster.......don't they?

  • No my cycling speed normally used to be in the 19.7 kmh area.

  • Stuff technology. Sounds like a great run Saul. :) After my first long run what I really felt the next day were, interestingly enough, my buttocks!

  • A great run it was indeed. Surprisingly not that much pain today :-) , maybe just over did it slightly and they told me.

  • Nice run there, so much better when you're not clock watching just enjoying it, I'm still on the IC waiting for my calf to heal then I plan on increasing the distance following the 10% per week rule if possible but I'm just as bad and will likely go too far πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜‚

  • Say you're running 90 min a week, you could increase one run by 10 min. In 10 min or so increments you're up to an hour in no time if you don't get any niggles or worse along the way. How frustrating for you there on the IC but it'll go well when you get back into it. I'd ease into the first week of running then see if you can run as normal for a couple of weeks more. After that increase 1 run. Should be straight forward.

  • Hi Paul,

    Thank you. Yes much better, didn't realise how much of a hinderance clock watching or even feedbacks is.

    Didn't realise you was on the IC couch mate, thought you had bridged over to the 10K club. How's the healing process going? You must be feeling well gutted, a clean 5K and then IC!!

    Hope you heal up and are back up n running soon.

  • Especially fed up, I'm loving my running, I do the greatrunlocal 5k every sunday but I had to Marshall last week due to the calf, and I'm going to marshal this week too, but I will start running again over easter, I may go and have a gait analysis done just to make sure it's not my trainers causing the problem. I was up to 6k and progressing well so I know I'm going to make the 10k before too long.

  • I'm yet to wake up early enough to get a park run in😩.

    I think the gait analysis should sort things out for you, it's amazing what a pair of trainers can do. I would recommend sweatshop for the analysis and anywhere else for the new trainers.

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