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Sore thigh! Should I run or rest?


Today is my rest day and tomorrow am due to do wk6 run 3 which is 25 mins straight with no walking rests!

The weekend I did week 6 run 2 Saturday morning and then in the evening my treadmill at home (it's mechanical and only good for walking on but I still enjoy doing 30 mins on it).

Sunday I went for 'a run'. What I call freestyle... I walk or jog as I feel like, no pressure. It was not a good run. I had some new wireless Bluetooth headphones to try out but firstly it was super windy - in my face, push you back type wind - and my ear phones (hook over the ear ones) kept falling off so I couldn't get a rhythm going even when the wind died down on my way back. Later on Sunday I went for two bike rides with my youngest. One was to the post office. She only learned to ride about 8 weeks ago and was the first time we both rode together. We enjoyed it so much we went out on a longer 'fun' ride later. But I haven't rode my bike for a while so I was sore in unspeakable places lol.

And now my left thigh is hurting!

I don't know if it's from the bike or an overuse overall? I'm trying to lose weight so I exercise every single day since November. As the C25K is getting more progressive I don't know if that means I need my rest days more importantly? But I am afraid of losing my weight loss momentum if I stop even for a day! But I don't know what exercise burns calories without using your leg muscles?

I don't know if my thigh is just one of those aches that it's ok to just push on through? I had shin splints early on and it's not like that. Maybe more a pulled muscle feeling all day when I move or walk?

Now I'm worried about w6r3 .... But at the same time don't want to not at least try it???

BUT a big injury will definitely mess up my weight loss too so I don't want to risk that either!!!

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Am only starting but did have that a few days ago. I decided to rest 2 days instead of 1 before today's run and it was the right decision. Make sure you stretch and massage it. If you can get to a pool then that might help. Well done for getting so far and good luck

Oh lol... I was reading your post about sore thighs just minutes ago! I was going to reply but then figured I had nothing useful to add lol. I think I will try some squats and stretches! I go swimming Wednesday's so that will give me another rest... Or maybe I should swim Tuesday this week and do the run Wednesday??? Choices! Lol

Couchpotato2Graduate in reply to CrimsonMama

I think I dont like choices when it comes to exercise because it always gives an extra reason not to do anything... I am taking a swimming lesson tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how I feel on Wednesday for my run...


Too much going on and missing rest days.... we need them...If you want to exercise..then non impact exercise on rest days.. no consecutive running... far too soon.

We don't lose fitness, or put on weight just by missing few days...

If you have pain.. please, don't ignore it.. the injury couch is a horrid and lonely place.

Far better to rest for a day, then do some simple and gentle exercises for the thigh...

Please do check the post out for Newbies from IannodaTruffe .. the section on injury and rest days and the section on weight loss and running.. .you may find it very helpful.

CrimsonMama in reply to Oldfloss

Thank you! I will read those!


You definitely sound like you’re overdoing things. On your rest days, try something quite different to running, like swimming or the NHS Strength and Flex podcasts. UnfitNoMore and IannodaTruffe can give you all the high tech info about microtears etc. Nothing piles on weight like being injured and depressed and in easy reach of the biscuit tin !

That's very true ButtercupKid! I can only go swimming once a week. Sometimes I do twice. But I have to take my youngest with me who is seven so I don't get to swim laps. But we do throw a small ball and race to get it or whilst she's going towards it I try to swim around.

I can't do jumping! I don't know if it's my weight, unfitness or being a bit heavy up top despite the so called sport bras that are supposed to help.... It's improving but I can't do star jumps! I think doing some strength and flex sounds good. But I'm worried it won't burn the calories I need to burn to keep up my 2lb a week weight loss. I am cutting down a little on my exercise as I want to try to fit more time in to study!

It's very hard balancing it all!

My dream is to get to a sensible healthy weight and be able to run three or four times a week to maintain my weight! Then I can concentrate on building a career that pays good money and get that dream life balance! Then maybe I can run in exotic holiday destinations too! Haha!


Nothing like a bit of ambition ! I’m no expert on any of this but I do know that healthy change in nature is always a gradual process. If you think of plants that are forced on, they always end up pale and spindly ! Look after yourself, and all the best with your journey x


If you are going on "free runs" alongside C25K, then you are not actually following the programme.

Training plans may seem arbitrary, but the progression in C25K is carefully devised to keep injury risk minimal, while providing enough stress to trigger adaptation in your musculature. When you run the impact creates microtears in your muscles, which repair and strengthen on your rest days, not while running.

No rest, no repair, no strengthening and so increased injury risk.

By adding on a random run into the mix you are abandoning the carefully devised plan and frankly you are in unknown territory.

You might get away with it.......... you might get looks like the latter for you.

If you read the guide to the plan it explains what is recommended and there is a link to an NHS site about sports injuries.

Take care


Great job on W6R2... not so doing any running the day after. REST! From running at least... go for a swim (low impact high calorie burn) or similar. Take care, here’s hoping it’s not going to keep you down long.

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