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Well guys, today I did my first 30 minute run...it only took me over 6 months!!


This was not due to injury or being busy but...laziness..there I said it!

My gym closed to refurbish just before I went home for Christmas so didn't end up running, then I went home for Christmas and promised myself I would run (I didn't) the longer I left it the more scared I was I would no longer be able to do it! Then I had my university exams in january...so 2 months later here I am ;)

I'm finding these runs REALLY tough now like I'm really pushing myself..I have occasionally lashed out at my tredmill through punching (sorry tredmill)!

My point is I've been considering doing week 6 on my days off (I believe it's week six) 10 minute run then a 5 minute break and then a 10 minute run again? Do you guys think this would help me gain back a bit of fitness again?

Sorry for the long post! BUT I will be a graduate by Monday!! :DX

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Oh yes and by the time I got to 30 minutes I was so ecstatic I could have run longer!! (This doesn't really show a struggle but oh it was!)


Ahhh! Just wrote you a reply that disappeared!! - now I have to try to remember what I was rambling on about!

I was wondering if you meant days off between your longer runs, in which case I would recommend some other kind of exercise instead at the moment to build strength (like the strength and flex podcast) rather than more running.

I was also remembering feeling like I needed to lash out - about 2/3rds into runs - unfortunately as I was running with my husband he bore the brunt of it (shouting by the way rather than a physical lash out!) I think it's a matter of the body getting used to the exercise and protesting a bit! Thankfully I can now run and stay calm too!

Well done on picking up the programme again - enjoy your graduation!


First of all congratulations on that 30 minute run! That's no mean feat.

From your post it sounds like you are thinking of running 30 minutes every couple of days then week six in between these days. Meaning you would be running every day. I think whether this is a good idea depends on your level of fitness and how used you are to running. It sounds like it's been a bit sporadic over the last 6 months so my suggestion would be to commit to running every couple of days for a month or so and see how you are after that. I found it took quite a while to get used to running for 30 minutes... And I still struggle at times :(

The main thing for me would be increasing your risk of injury if you run every day. Quite a few folk on the forum say they over did it and regretted it. Hope this helps, but remember you have done really well. It would have been so easy just to let the whole thing drop completely and you didn't!

lizziebeth57Graduate in reply to lizziebeth57

Forgot to say, sometimes it feels great though:)


Thanks for the replies guys! I'll keep at my 30 minutes every other days! I'm intending to do other exercise on my days off (box fit or something) hopefully that will all help get my fitness up!

AuntieAliGraduate in reply to secretlemon

Well done indeed for such a great achievement!! you got there! i would echo lizzebeth57 - dont overdo the running. You're right to mix it up with other activities to build fitness up. Core exercises will really help, as will swimming. You'll be amazed how it will help your running.

Once again, well done and keep going!


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