I can't believe I've GRADUATED !!!!!

I set off today for W9R3. I've had almost a week between runs as I must have tweaked a calf muscle and I didn't want to make it worse. It was cold, wet and windy - by far not one of my best runs but there was NO WAY I was stopping on this one.

I ran 4.8K in 30mins but decided to carry on and managed my first EVER 5K in 31mins 30seconds. I know its a bit sad but I'm soooooo proud of myself. I started the plan at the beginning of Aug (inspired by all the athletes who could run a lot further / faster than I could) and when I first looked at it no way could I envisage that in just over two months I would be able to run for 30mins (well technically 31mins 30seconds !!)

W10 looms - The Big Fun Run is on the 3rd Nov and a tiny part of me is still aiming for a 30min finish but we'll see. I'm so looking forward to getting my medal - it will almost be like getting a medal for finishing Couch25K !!!

Just want to say thank you to everyone who has commented on any of the blogs or questions that I have asked - I honestly couldn't have done it without you all. We're all awesome ;-)


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29 Replies

  • Fantastic, ca66ie99! It's amazing how much the green badge comes to mean to us! Once I'd graduated I kept checking to see if my badge was there, such a saddo! Your time is great too. I'm working now to get my time under 30min for 5k. Can be anything between 36 and 33 mins! Good luck for the Fun Run!

  • Thanks, youre right, I've just cleaned my flat in order to stop myself checking for the badge !!!

    How long ago did you graduate ?? Once I've done the fun run on Sat (and after my holiday) I am going to try my nearest Parkrun as I've then got an official time to beat.

    Dare I say it but 10K here I come !!

  • Graduated a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately nearest Park Run is a couple of hours away from here! Reluctanthusband and I are trying to organise a visit to my cousin who lives within 30 mins of one as I'm keen to get an official time like you! Laughed reading about your flat cleaning - it was a week before I got my badge so reckon your flat will be spotless!

  • Ha ha, that's really funny, it will be the cleanest my flat has ever been in that case !! Might have to come up with something else to distract me, more running perhaps !!

  • Brilliant stuff ca66ie99. It's getting the endurance right first and not the speed. You've gotr to reach your goal before you can worry about how fast you are reaching it. I worry about my speed tailing off in the 16-22 minute stage of any 30 minutes. If I can crack that bit I think I will be on the way to improving everything, speed and stamina. But I know I still need to do the 30 minutes! Best of luck. Now think 'what next?' and good luck.

  • Thanks for your comment Janda, youre so right about the endurance. I think when I started I had in my head that if I reached the end of the plan I would be running 5K in 30mins, I soon realised that wouldn't necessarily be the case but its stuck in my head.

    Not a bad thing as I think I'm lazy by nature and if I hadn't been aiming at 5K I would have managed 30mins a lot more easily as I'd have run slower !!

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! :-) Your time is awesome! There are many of us who are far away from the 5K mark at grad time. Looking forward to seeing that stunning badge!!!! Wishing you a successful running future! Gayle

  • Thank you Gayle, I read some graduation posts last week about feeling a bit deflated after the graduation run and was a bit worried. I shouldn't have been though as I was jumping about (just about !!) and then even though I hadn't listened to Laura for a few weeks, plugged her in and listened to her comments at the end of the run for W9 just so I could believe it !!

    How have you found running after graduation ?

  • I was one who seemed deflated after graduation. I thought I should be running faster and jumping higher, after all, I just graduated! :-) I'm doing better mentally now and FINALLY did a 5K this weekend. I honestly did not think I could run past 30 minutes but I kept going and did it. I think we would all be better off if we could kick the negative self talk to the curb. :-)

  • Massive well done ! It's so true, for me the negative thoughts set in around W4. I'd been reasonably confident with the interval running / walking.

    Once the runs became longer the thoughts became negative. I thought once I'd run for say 25 mins once, I'd accept it and that would be it, but I start off wondering if I can do it. The mind is a terrible thing at times ;-)

  • Congratulations, ca66ie99! Well done on completing the C25K programme.

    Happy running.

  • Thank you swanscot, appreciate the comment, just waiting for the badge now !!

  • Wayhey! Congratulations, go get that badge and wear it with pride! :)

  • Thanks, I can't wait to log on and see the badge !!

  • Congratulations Ca66ie99, and a great time too. Enjoy your graduation celebrations! :)

  • Sinking a beer as I write !! How are you going ?

  • Well Done on your graduation, enjoy your beer, you've earned it. :)

  • Thanks, one of the few beers I've felt like I've earned !!

  • Brilliant and it's fantastic that you did 5k, ran for more than 30 mins and graduated all at once. And I think that's a great time - you'll easily be under 30 mins in no time and well on your way to 10k before you know it.

  • Wow, sounds weird to hear that, a few months ago the idea running 5K was a dream and now I can't believe I'm considering training to run 10K although I think I'm going to take my time with it and keep up the running, but now try and get in a routine with the gym too.

    Thanks for your kind words ;-)

  • Well done on graduating ca66ie99 and a brilliant time! You will be doing 5k in 30 mins very soon!

    I too am waiting for my badge and I know others here have been waiting over a week now so hopefully it wont be too long......


  • I thought I'd seen a few people graduate and still not have their badges. Must be due to the increasing numbers graduating !!

    Thanks for your kind words, how have you found running since graduating ?

  • I graduated at the weekend so my first run will be tonight - in the dark - so that will be an experience!

  • Congratulations. Fantastic achievement - well done.

  • Thank you londongirln19 for your kind comment. Just looking forward to the Big Fun Run in Victoria Park on Saturday now

  • Good luck. You can always have a dip in the Regents Canal to cool off at the end.

  • Ha ha !! Think I might prefer a nice long shower but maybe in the summer months !!

  • Well done, that's brilliant, now you can do your own thing and organize your running exactly as you want to :-)

    I had ditched Laura after W6R2 and when I went on to the 5K+ podcasts I couldn't believe how pleased I was to have a 'Laura' run every now and then! :-D

    Keep posting how you're doing!

  • I agree, I'm looking forward to trying the other podcasts and listening to Laura again, dare I say it but I've missed her !!

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