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Can't quite believe what I did!


So on Wednesday I finished work at 3:30pm and headed home, which is a fifteen minute walk, at which point I would normally head off for my run. I had some jobs to do around the house first; my motivation to run was ebbing with each minute and it seemed to be getting darker and more miserable at the same rate. Eventually, with all my jobs complete, I reluctantly decided I would do W7R1. I did my five minute walk, which almost perfectly brings me to the park where I run, and set off at what I thought was my usual pace. It's generally my breathing I struggle with but everything felt pretty good this time. I had my usual updates from Laura but my Fitbit also gives me my splits, usually around 5'30" to 6'. My first split was 4'50"! I felt like I was doing my usual pace but obviously not. I slowed up a little as I have pushed too hard too early before and paid the price later. My splits then varied from early to mid 5s and by the end of the run I checked my distance and I had covered 4.89k! I decided I was so close to the magic 5k that I would run the extra 110m and finish it and I did!!!

I know the point of the plan is about running for 30mins rather than achieving a distance but I have always been keen to reach that magic 'little' number and never thought I would be doing it so soon! My next runs will be at a much slower pace but I'm so happy to have done something I honestly never thought I'd never even do let alone enjoy!

I'm not the most frequent poster on here but I do visit almost every day and get advice, tips and encouragement from all the posts I read. Without this forum I would definitely ended up on the injury couch before now as this is my usual trick when I take up exercise so thank you to everyone on here and happy running! Now for an extra rest day or two...

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You are really fast ! Go you. Well done 😊


My word that is a terrific pace, well done.! Happy running!

That's brilliant Bluenicoli..😊

Great confidence boost.. 5k in the bag. Not long til graduation and hopefully your breathing is settling down now too..its usually only the first five to eight minutes until you get the oxygen pumping round your body that feels hard, but by going steady at this point you can push through this. Well done.😊

Thanks, it was a great boost and I think now I know I can do it slow and steady will be the word of the day. Funny thing with my breathing is when I'm not thinking about it it's pretty much fine but as soon as I do I start to struggle.


Brilliant . Well done. Sometimes the running can come on leaps and bounds. similar happened to me . Doesn't happen very often but I used to run several laps round a lake and was gradually increasing my time. Also naturally I was increasing my distance. My speed hardly ever changes but is getting better.

Anyway my plan was to do extra time which took me extra half a lap. But felt good and said to myself "Why bother walking half a lap why not just finish it off and run round it " so I did.

It's a great feeling when that happens but even now I still feel good about my regular 6K runs 2 or 3 times per week.

Hope like me your the running becomes a good habit.

Keep us all posted especially when you graduate. and let us know how you celebrate !!

Bluenicoli in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much. I'm really hoping to keep it up. Can't even begin to explain the ways it has helped me both mentally and physically. I think I'd like to aim for the same as you. A good 6k three times a week. Will be trying to manage a 10k at some point but happy with where I am going at the moment.


That's great, well done. I'm on week 7 and also exceeding what I thought was going to be possible at this point. I got to 5k in 35mins (but including 5min warm up and 5min warm down distance...:- ) . This program definitely builds up endurance but sustainably without the soreness and injury risk, which have been de-motivators for me in previous attempts at running! First fitness regime I've stuck to (although not completed yet...:-) ) .


That is some speedy pace! Well done you! Enjoy your running 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻


Wow. I'm impressed! Just listen to your body. Only you know what speed feels right for you and 'fly like the wind'.


wow. this is where I am jealous of the longer strided male. My little chubby legs are barely taking me to 3km in 25 mins running.....

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