Graduated! Can't believe I've done it :)

It's taken me since January to achieve, but I've finally graduated - so proud of myself. I've taken it steady, repeated runs when I didn't feel ready to move on and have had a few weeks off here and there due to work commitments. However, despite being quite a sloth by nature and fairly overweight, I've always returned to the programme which is testament to how achievable Couch to 5k. Now I can run for 30 mins, I'm going to keep pushing on to increase my speed.

Thank you to everyone who posted words of encouragement when I felt like I was failing. Couldn't have done it without the support of this fabulous community. Xxx

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  • Well done, Reddanbydan :)

  • Thank you!

  • Brilliant... very well done! Go get that badge...Graduate! :)

  • Thank you! I'm absolutely buzzing!

  • Congratulations and very well done!

  • Thank you πŸ˜€

  • Congratulations! Good that you're still aiming for something.

  • Thank you! I'm aiming to now move from a zombie shuffle to more of a light jogging motion - like you said, it's an aim!

  • Very well done Reddanbydan just read your previous posts and I can see how much you have overcome. You should be very proud of yourself 🍾🍾

  • Thank you. My dear departed Dad was an avid runner and I get a lovely feeling when I think how proud (and surprised!) he'd be to see me running; I managed to get to age 42 before I changed my 'I don't do running' mantra to 'I do running'! Thanks for the support now and along the way.

  • Congratulations!!

  • Thank you, it feels great πŸ˜€

  • Well done, keep running and enjoy!!

  • Thank you; enjoying running seems strange, in fact I'd say I feel a twisted enjoyment with a large helping of smug satisfaction 😊

  • Congratulations and well done for not giving up. Party time πŸ·πŸΈπŸΎπŸ°πŸ†

  • Thank you. It's been my son's birthday this weekend so I celebrated with a large slice of the birthday cake I made for him - the cake had 3lbs of chocolate buttercream in it!

  • Wow that sounds delicious!

  • Congratulations and well done. Time to celebrate.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ“

  • Too true! Thank you.

  • Congratulations

  • Thank you!

  • Great news - well done!πŸ‘

  • Thank you, I'm feeling very proud of myself πŸ˜€

  • Congratulations - you should be proud!

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