I've graduated! Can't believe it! Week 9 run 3 :)

Well it's a day later than I had intended, but because Ireland decided to have a two day monsoon season, I put off my graduation run until today. To be honest I thought I'd skip today, the rain was still pouring and the wind was howling, but at about 5:30pm I looked out and though it was still very windy, the rain had subsided and I decided that maybe I should go. As I'd been eating chocolate biscuit cake all day the guilt also got too much so that was the extra kick I needed to go!

The temperature was actually ok, but the wind was still quite strong, so it was still a challenge. To be honest, it was a hard run from the start. There were puddles everywhere meaning I had to run around them and make sure I didn't get knocked down by any vehicles in the process. I was getting tired much quicker than normal so I was a bit worried. Then my leg started feeling like stone. I actually had a look down a few times to see what on earth it was doing down there. I also seemed to be running at a faster pace than normal involuntarily; I hadn't decided to try a faster pace my legs were just doing it (perhaps as a punishment for pigging out all day!).

I started to feel a bit better when I got passed the halfway point, as I usually do. My leg still felt like stone and my shoes, which have never failed me before, started rubbing and causing a bit of a blister, but I was determined to keep going since this was my last run of the program. I got further than I had done on my last run so I was really happy with that. Nowhere near 5k of course but that will come!

I can't believe I've got to the end of this program and can call myself a graduate! After starting and giving up several times, it's great to finally finish it. This site has been an invaluable resource for me, and it will continue to be! Thank you all so much :) I'm not sure what I'm going to do with regards to progressing my running from now on, but I am definitely getting some new running shoes :) Also think I'll stick to the thirty minutes for at least one more week. But who knows! I've got my Race for Life on 15th July and want to be able to run that full 5k, even if I do it at a slowish pace.

Thank you all again so much, and good luck to you all with your journeys :)


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33 Replies

  • Congratulations! :) Good luck with race for life!

  • Thank you thank you!

  • Woooooohhhhoooooooooo Well done you.

    I have no idea what chocolate biscuit cake is!

  • Haha think its a bit of an irish thing, its basically cake made of chocolate and biscuits! So good! yum yum. but it does not lead to good running ha

  • Well done, know what you have done to graduate and can only admire your determination.

  • Thank you very much :)

  • Forgot to say, good luck on your Race for Life!

  • Great and inspiring to us who are newer to the program...made me want chocolate biscuit cake though!! haha :D

  • Mmmm it was good! Thanks :)

  • Congratulations cimer, as you say the 5K will come, it took me weeks after graduation to get there. I didn't really like the music on the trial download that should be released soon but have been using it in this last fortnight and it has really helped me run better. The real one, as I said, should be out soon and then Laura will be back to motivate us again. Good luck with your Race for Life.

  • Thank you blueboots :)

  • A big big well done to you! This is an amazing place on here. Such support. You must be feeling very proud! It is good to see people graduating - it inspires us who are still plodding along!

    Good luck with the Race for Life :)

  • Thanks hollyO, although i would say im still plodding along myself haha

  • Well done! Fantastic achievement!

    I ran faster (ie too fast) on my graduation run too - very strange.

  • Maybe we just subconciously wanted to get it over with!

  • Congratulations you made it. Hopefully will join you in a couple if weeks.

  • Thank you! Best of luck to you :)

  • Well done! You definitely deserve those new shoes... :)

  • Thanks :) Next weekend hopefully I'll have a nice pair of shoes :)

  • Wooo congratulations - can't believe I'm getting so close to finishing now too, quite excited!

  • Its hard to believe I got there, you'll feel so good when you get there! Good luck!

  • Well done you made it!

  • Thank you :)

  • well done my turn next week I hope, all the best

  • Thank, best of luck to you, you're so close!

  • Fantastic - well done you!

    Go on - treat yourself to some new shoes - you deserve it!

    I'm due to graduate next week and cant wait - proud of you and myself - we rock!

  • Oh good luck to you you're nearly there! Well done us!

  • Congratulations!

  • Thank you :)

  • Congratulations im hoping to graduate next week, Good luck in your race for life, its the same day as mine

  • Good luck to you, great achievement!

  • Been away for weekend in Zurich, so now catching up with all the gossip!

    Really thrilled you've graduated, well done and good luck with race for life :)

  • ooh hope you enjoyed Zurich! Thank you :)

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