Week 5, Run 1 - and we're off!

Thinking positively I am now 33% through Week 5 :) Found the run ok, apart from a slight niggle in my right hip again. Didn't feel it on the last run but boy did I as soon as I switched to walking. Managed to walk it off but sincerely hoping it doesn't re-appear during an actual run.

Looking forward (with some slight trepidation) to Wednesday evening and Run 2. Actually quite looking forward to doing less stoppy/starty sessions.

Good luck to my fellow Week Fivers! :)


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11 Replies

  • Nice one Sue you seem to be progressing well. Good luck with week 5.

  • Thanks Chewy :)

  • Well done, Sue!! I second your feelings about less stopping and starting. I think that it really teaches our bodies to recover, but it is quite a nuisance!! :-)

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Thanks Steve and I will keep it up. Really enjoying the programme. :)

  • WOW! Week 5 already??? You are doing awesome! I have hip issues at times also. Are you using a treadmill or outdoors? We find when we run along curbs with uneven surfaces, we have hip issues. Once you get to the longer runs, you will appreciate them compared to the running/walking segments. Looking forward to your dreaded 20 blog! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  • Cheers Gayle - I know, time flies, eh? I'm on a treadmill at home so its not uneven - its probably my running "style". I do have stability trainers so this shouldn't be the issue. But it won't stop me. Promise I will do my blog on Saturday without delay once I have recovered! In the meantime, just the small matter of Run 2 to get through on Wednesday. :)

  • Well done Sue! I think most of us agree that we prefer the longer runs without the intervals though interval training is neccessary and also a very good way of increasing your speed and stamina. You do feel more like a runner though when you run that first 20 mins without stopping - not long to go and you will be fine!


  • Thanks Sue. Really looking forward to it (in a bizarre way). :)

  • Thanks everyone for your comments, advice and good wishes - much appreciated. For week 4 and for this week I have kept my running speed at 4.5mph - I was up to 5mph during week 3. I have deliberately done this to ensure I complete the runs and concentrate on stamina.

    Hopefully I will be able to increase my speed again once I am relatively comfortable with the longer runs.

  • Hi, Sue. I've been taking two days rest between runs and that has kept any niggles at bay. I tried running a few years back and had to stop 3 weeks in due to knee pain so I've been extra careful this time and have been fine. Once the runs got longer I started on the 2 rest days and, although I get some twinges, I've not had any real pain that would stop me running. It also means I can do other stuff like cycling, Curves and walking. Good luck for Week 5 run 2!

  • Hi Oona - I do a bit of exercise every day except Friday. On my non running days I do Kettleworx DVDs using kettlebells. Have done it for over a year and its transformed me! Did my usual Core based DVD this morning and pleased to report no more niggles from my hip. My legs were aching a bit last night in bed but they felt more tired than anything. Fingers crossed all is well tomorrow after work for run 2. x

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