Couch to 5K

Week 5 Run 1 completed!!!!!!

Hoorah!!!! Just completed my first run of week 5 and feel great!!!!! I did it with ease which surprises me as I struggled through week 3 and then it became a bit easier during week 4. I must admit every time I complete another run it still amazes me how I have managed to get this far!!!!!

I am recovering much quicker during and after the runs and my face is not looking like a beetroot anymore I just have a healthy look and I don't look like my face matches the colour of my top!!! Which is good.

Didn't lose any weight this week, but have noticed that clothes are fitting better and are a little loosed!! Yay!

Looking forward to run 2 on Wednesday am picking up the pace a little but am still quite slow I don't think I will ever find myself sprinting along!!! Anyway good luck to all

In the coming week

Best regards

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Well done on your W5R1. Hardly seems 5 minutes since you joined us and now you're well into the second half of the programme. Your enthusiasm is infectious and is, no doubt, helping you along - you've progressed so well. Good luck with R2 and best wishes.


Well done Josie-Jo I was due to start wk5r1 this morning but was up all night with a sick child so have to wait until tomorrow. Have to say I was a bit disappointed as I always like run 1 and the challenge. I feel week 5 is a big step up so hopefully it goes well for us. Have a good week.


Hey There! You are on the same week as me, I too am still the same weight but have noticed my trousers are more baggy around my middle. As far as the pace goes, on the longer runs I am just a little quicker than walking speed, but I enjoy it at this speed, if I push too hard at the end I feel too hot and even a bit sick.

Best Wishes x


Hi that sounds really sensible!!! I am glad you are at the same point as me as it would be good to keep in touch and let me know how you get on for the rest of the runs this week!!! I am really enjoying it although I amaze myself every time I complete a run!!!

I think we must be getting toned!!! That's what they say isn't it!!! But if it's going to tighten it all up a bit well it can only be good!!!

Good luck for run 2 are you doing yours tomorrow to ??? Let me know good luck

Josie jo


Hi, sure, would love to keep in touch. I will be doing my next run on Thursday, I volunteered myself to help at my son's school tomorrow, then doing the big week 5 run at the weekend :)x

We will be fine :)


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