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Week 5 run 1

So today I done almost all of week 5's first run. I say almost all because a minute before the end of the final run I got the most almighty stitch, so I had to give up and I walked the run out. I was so annoyed as I was managing the run well.

It is so frustrating! That being said, I am looking forward to run 2 and despite the 'giving up' I don't think the next one will be too much of a leap. It is funny how it really is just 'one of those things' but I am so angry at myself for it.

Looking forward to running properly so much that I am thinking about entering into a run at the Edinburgh marathon festival in may - do you thithk the 10k is do-able, or shoulshould I stick to the 5k?

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I did week 5 Run 1 today, it was bloody freezing but soon warmed up.

Starting to worry about Run 3.

Im hoping to do the 10K next, if I can find a decent set of podcasts, and hopefully a half marathon in the future.


Hey millwalki8

Just don't worry

If you have done your course till today

You can do RUN 3

Belive me you are ready for it.

Y I m so confident because u just did it minutes before


Keep belive

Keep going

Keep running

Parvez virani


Cheers parvez.

Did run 3. Had no podcast as my phone was dead, so I ran my usual route for 22 mins to be on the safe side. Feel like a runner, love handles and double chin disappearing 😄




I just completed my week 5 run 3

So we are in the same boat

I m not a very experienced runner but I can say one thing is that In this course. all you have to do is stick to the plan with the comfortable speed

There are bad runs. It happen with every runner but the question is

What is more useful.

Getting angry on self


Analysis of what happened

I can understand that you were motivated and determine to complete the run and that stitch stopped you .,,


why it happened

How can you avoid it

Is this first time it happened ?

How can you make sure it don't happen again

Ponder on it

Research on it


Avoid it happening further

Anger is a productive tool if used it wisely !!!

Coming to the second question of 10 k

You can surely do it but you have to systematically

Even I am planning to do it

I plan to complete this podcast and then take the next podcast that is cto5k+

Just remember

Keep going

Keep running

Parvez virani


Really glad you're so positive and you are still going forward to Run 2. Two things to do about the stitch. Relax your upper body when running and breath from the stomach, not the chest,. You could try drinking some water before you go out as well.

As for the Edinburgh run in May, only you know how you're progressing. But I'm thinking you've still got 4 weeks of the podcast to do and that takes you to March. Usually people that finish week 9 have run for 30 mins but not reached 5K. So by the time you're doing 5K, Edinburgh is getting close and 10K is a big step.

That said, you seem positive and strong willed and you might do it. Please keep us posted. Cheers.


I was talking to a PT who has worked with a couple of well known runners (don't know if I can name them....), he said that one of the best things to do is put your hand on the pain and push it firmly. Take a deep breath and as you exhale try and push it with your dyaphram (not explaining this too well). I had a stitch again w5r3 and it worked for me.

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