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Nine weeks ago to this very day

I started to run from Couch to 5K

A treadmill was used in reaching my goal

The sweat and the pain was taking its toll

But as weeks went by things seemed to improve

I started to settle and get into the groove

And now I have done it and reached my 5K

I've now graduated I'm so pleased to say

The next step for me to continue the grind

Is to take to the road and leave the treadmill behind

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WOW! What a great poem!! Did you compose it during your run?

Congratulations on your graduation!


Lovely. The only poem I have seen here.



Love this. Well done on graduating.


Wowee, well done to you I have to say

You've done a grand job on this special day

Your now a graduate just like many before

Just 9 weeks ago you stepped through your door

But now you have completed couch to 5K

Don't be a stranger and don't stay away

Blog your achievements just as before

As you run the roads/parks, what fun you've in store ;)


Wow, Impressed with all the prose. And congratulations on the Graduation :)


Congratulations on graduating and fabulous poem :-)


Congratulations. Loved the poem Maybe you're next could be about your outdoor run?


Ha - great peom! And fantastic achievement - well done on your graduation :)


Very well done for graduating! Its a great feeling isnt it?! Congratulations and enjoy the outdoor running.


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