Graduated yay!!

Well after lurking here for 10 weeks, today I finally finished my final run of week 9. I managed 5k in 32.37. I couldn't stop at 30 minutes being I was so close!!

I can't believe that i have done it! I'm so happy. When I started I struggled with running for 60 seconds. Now I can run 5k. I'm going to do my first parkrun next month, if you'd told me last year that I would start running and manage this I would have laughed.

Thanks all for your posts that I have read avidly and have spurred me on.

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  • Brilliant, you should be very very proud x

  • Well done, this C25K program really does work. Enjoy your first parkrun.

  • Very well done !! Great time too ;-)

  • Thanks it's my best time yet. I often have to take my daughter in the puschair and that tends to slow me down! I have to plot my route depending on which roads have bin collection day, otherwise it's a nightmare navigating round the bins really slows me down ;-)

  • well done, congratulations and good luck for the park run, they sound like fun :-)

  • Congratulations to you! Such great time and distance, I bet your on cloud 9!!!!

  • Well done JoP1-join the club! Enjoy Stepping Stones and your first park run :-)


  • Congratulations, JoP!! You have quite an accomplishment to be proud of!! You have done it!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


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