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Graduated.....kind of!

Well, i cant quite believe it, but ive just run my 4th 30 min run and i feel bloomin fantastic!

Im on week 9 run 1, but ive been running the 30 mins since the 1st run last week (8), ive even had my 1st road run, which was a touch slower than on the treadmill, but so much more enjoyable, even tho it was freezing up in northwich!

The plan now is to finish off this week doing the same 30 min runs, i upped the gradient on the treadmill today which made things a little more challenging. Next week im going to mix things up and some swimming and rowing into the mix, and try and just keep doing 30 mins. And then maybe after a few weeks start some speed work, ultimate target in 6 months is to be running 5k in 21 mins, oh and be 3 stone lighter lol, im a long way from those goals. But i honestly didnt believe i could do this c25k plan and wasnt far of quitting at week 4, but im running the 5k at around 33 mins, which for me is a massive massive achievement!

Ive got 2 little girls (3&2) and i couldnt run around with them in the park late last year, and now i can have so much more fun with them, and thats the change ive needed in my life, and this program has given me that.

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Well done!

Consolidating for a few weeks and adding swimming and rowing into the mix is a very good idea. Make sure you are doing strength exercises too.

Be careful with speed though. You need a really strong base to increase speed without injury and the gains become tougher as you go. It took me 18 months to get from 29 mins to sub 24, and I would anticipate it would take the same again of concerted traing to get from there to sub 22 were I to go that route.

Being able to run around with kids is a brilliant thing though, and equally it is brilliant for them to have active parents to play with and as role models.


Congratulations! I hope you are feeling very proud of yourself.

Just keep building steadily.




Well done, sounds like you have well and truely got the bug!


Awesome! Very well done to you and good luck with your running plans too. It's lovely to feel fitter to run around with little ones isn't it :)


Firstly, congratulations you are achieving wonderful life changing feats. Secondly I would agree with Rigs, be cautious about speed. There is nothing like a challenging target, so long as your personality can cope with not hitting the target. When you first start the PBs come thick and fast, but after a while they become more elusive. So not only does your body need to be prepared but the mental challenge changes too. My Killerton parkrun PB has stood for eighteen months now and beating it is going to take some serious training and perfect conditions.

Keep running, keep smiling.


congrats x

bet you feel fantastic now

you're not so far from me at Northwich - that wind was extremely chilly today

Ben (401 Challenge) will be in Northwich on April 3rd if you wanted to go run with him for a couple of miles, or just go and cheer - he's a really inspiring bloke

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I was only in northwich for business bud!


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