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Unexpected 10K

I went for a Stamina run this morning and conditions were perfect, just cold enough to keep me cool, but not enough to make extremities ache. I breezed though the podcast and decided to round it up to to a 5 miler by running 0.6 miles between 2 gates a few times.

When Robo-Laura piped up at 5 miles I had knocked a mighty 22 seconds off my 5 mile PB (now 53:01) and I was still feeling great so I carried on to do 6.27 miles with a 10K time of 1:06:33, woo-hoo!

I'm still planning on doing my 10K river run on Sunday, but I think that I'll enjoy it more knowing that I can do it.

I'm also pleased that my lap times were all between 9:41 and 11:19 so I'm getting better at keeping to a pace.

Best of all though is that I now have 1010 calories in the bank which I need as it is a colleague's birthday and tonight is take-away night - nom-nom ;-)

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Good to reach your first 10K, Matt! Good to keep a nice, steady pace too.

I'm resting for a few days due to injury, but am still a bit frustrated about my pacing. I feel it's still all over the place - except for my lsd run when I can keep to the same, slow pace - despite using the Stamina podcast. I think this is partly because it is so hilly here. I'd really like to test myself on a 10 km - or even 5 km - level route.


What have you done to yourself? I don't have to contend with hills, but I'm off to St David's next week and I am interested to see what the more rugged terrain will do to my times and distance. I'm even flirting with the idea of running up here binged.it/ULOPdx which is the site of an ancient discount supermarket known for its reasonable running gear.


I explain my gyp knee here: couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

So attempting a hill run, eh? Sea level to 181m is a fair climb - a good workout in fact!


Enjoy your well deserved takeaway! And good luck with the 10K!


Enjoy it you've earned it! Well done - I know how good it feels as I did my first 10k today too in a similar time to you!


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