first 10k treadmill run

It's been very cold recently and it seems to have affected my running. I don't seem to be improving my times or distances lately when I go outside.

Today I decided to stay indoors on my treadmill and do half an hour or so. I put the incline on 2, did the 5 minute warm up walk and then ran at around 5.2 to 6 mph depending on what music was on.

I always cover up the clock so that I can't get disillusioned by the time passing so slowly, but I leave the calorie counter, incline and speed visible. It usually takes between 12 and 14 steps to burn a calorie when running so I burn something like seven to ten calories a minute.

So I ran for a while and wasn't feeling that great about it so I thought ok I'll run until the calories hit 400, that's probably about half an hour. Then the 400 went by and I still felt ok, two or three more songs, try to run for 500 calories.

Some of these songs seem to last forever! Ok carry on, hey why not aim for 600 calories now, it would be a shame to stop.

I sneaked a peek at the clock after a while and found that it was on about 45 minutes running time so I thought to myself, I might as well aim for the hour. I haven't run for more than forty minutes for a long time, my average these days is 32 -38 minutes.

I got close to 55 minutes and thought, wow I'm so close to the 10k it would be a shame to stop now, I will try to get there. But even running at 6 mph means I will have to do about one hour and ten minutes...

I knocked off the piece of paper that was covering the clock by mistake and so the time was staring me in the face. I find it much harder running when the time is showing. Another twenty minutes?? Sigh...

The distance said around 5.5 miles, I wasn't sure but thought 10k was about 6.38 miles and so aimed for that. Then I realised that this included the 5 minute warm up at speeds of 3.0 to 4.5 mph and I didn't know what distance I had covered before running.

Bah! So that meant I would have to run until the distance said at least 6.6 miles to make sure I wasn't finishing too early.

My right foot was feeling like it was rubbing a bit and would create a blister but I didn't want to stop, I was sooo close to the end.

I carried on and finally the running time was 67 minutes so I thought ok 3 more minutes and I can stop.

When I started the cool down walk the readout said 6.81 miles which is just over 10k. My foot was definitely getting a blister but I had finally done it. :-) Total time after the cool down was 80 minutes, 920 calories and 7.20 miles.

I won't count this as a 10k proper run as it's much harder outside, I think it will take me a long time to get there pounding the pavements.

You people running half marathons? More than twice what I've just done? Respect!

But I am happy that I ran for over an hour for the first time in ages.

Ouch hello blister :-( Now where did I put those plasters...?

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12 Replies

  • Wow, that's determination! I think you should count that as a proper 10k, considering your speed and incline rate Well done!

  • Count it.... ! You ran it ! You did it properly and at a good steady speed...:)

    Many folk on here do C25K solely is just a different venue! So?

    I am an outdoor girl, as you know, but with the incident of the broken ribs, and I am using my indoor elliptical trainer to keep fit.. Been working slowly, no incline.. and yesterday managed 5K..slow, steady, really slow.... but I'm counting it..for my benefit.... oh yes I am... :) :)

    So... hop, with your blister to Bridge to 10K forum and go get your 10K badge...:)

  • Well done! I'm a regular treadmill runner but struggle to go much past 5/6km. It certainly counts as a 10k and you should be confident of being able to complete an outdoors one too on the back of that.

  • Well done! Mind over matter. Love it. You may want to consider running with different socks (to avoid blisters). Or it may be your running shoes? Don't want your kit standing in the way of running longer distances because clearly you're ready for it!

  • Sounds like a proper 10K to me!! I think the opposite to you as I find the treadmill harder than running outside and can't imagine keeping going for that long. You definitely get the medal for determination :-)

  • Well done Simmypie😊. I agree running on the treadmill is much more mentally challenging and 10k is a long way whether you do it inside or you have definately earned the badge. x

  • You deserve a medal for running 10k on a treadmill 😊 It must have felt like a marathon 😕

    Outside on the trail the distance gets chewed up seemingly in no time, more so than road running

  • My head is spinning worse than Hilary's when it comes to the numbers....but well done you:)

  • Bah! Just like brexit, how could they get it so wrong again?

    Anyway if he doesn't build the wall and create jobs...second amendment folks just saying...lots of angry people with guns...

  • Democracy - a wonderful thing until the vote goes against one ;)

  • Well done Simmy !

    10k is 10k to me , doesn't matter where you do it, in fact you should earn extra points for doing it on a treadmill in my humble opinion !

    You can ask for your Graduate 10 Badge on this link :

    :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy and everyone else :-) x

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