Couch to 5K

Another milestone achieved ! 10k for the first time

I set out on a new route that I knew would allow me to cover 10k with out the need to double up on part of it. I had not realised the hill up past the rifle range at Llansilin was so long especially as it came during my 5th K and took 7.26 but all in all it was a great run, cold and drizzling to start with but I did not notice after a while.

I completed the 10k in 1.04.34 which also included a new record for 5 miles, well its only the second time I have passed 5 miles so that was not too difficult. I was measuring in k's rather miles but i estimate 5 miles was around 52 minutes.

This was an enjoyable run even with all the hills, you could almost map the hills from my split times. Interestingly the best k was the last at 5.24, so that makes a range of 2 minutes between fastest and slowest.

When I think back 7 months ago when I started those first minute runs seemed hard and now I have deliberately set out to run 60 times that :-) who would have thought it.

And for the record I did not take a drink with me because it was cold and damp but I did take a handful of currants which I ate at the 5k mark. I'm not sure if they helped but felt good when I got back after my cool down walk and a few stretches, not to forget the glass of chocolate milkshake.

I would like to thank everybody on the site for their continued encouragement.

All the best & keep running! :-)


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Congratulations on reaching 10k and a very good time indeed. Well done and continued success with your running ;)


Hi Ray you see there is sunshine after the clouds.. Well done to you and we both have challenged ourselves to run beyond the 5k barrier, through will power and determination, keeping the motivation spirit.

I generally do not eat anything before the run unless Ive ate 2 hours prior. I always make sure I've drank plenty of water and normally hide a bottle in the hedge to come back to, if i feel the urge to quench my thirst.

Another challenge I have began doing now regularly is to run 100k within the month. I did start this in May. I managed a few runs that I struggled with at first with all the warm weather and midges...I did 13 runs and Ive now completed my 100k in june in 10 runs. One of the runs I had managed 13.89km and i have really improved my distances. The great part is seeing those recordings and paces on the computer as you can see how well or not achieving. Those places where you tend to struggle and when you stop for some horrible reason to spit the midges out.. But the best part is maintaining the motivation to run, by alternative routes to run, that are safe away from the traffic and clean air..

Good luck to you on your next 10k


the 100k per month challenge appeals to me, thanks for the idea. I may just give that a go. I'm planning to shorter evening runs then 10k plus a bit on friday morning (day off work :-)) the plus a bit will depend upon how I feel at the time but this will be a flat route on the south coast whereas my usual runs are very hilly.

As for the traffic - not too much on the roads I use by they are narrow and winding in places so care is called for.

All the best with your next 100k.



Oh congratulations. I am moving slowly up towards a 10k - but it's still a way off for me.


Hi Ullyrunner, I was surprised how quickly I stepped up once I decided that is what I was going to do. I have been running 5k at around 30 minutes for a little while. On the day I decided to step up I set out at a slower pace and ran 8.5k in an hour, an hour being my target. During the week I did a couple of shorter runs at a reasonable good pace then this weekend I decide to go for the 10k. Again I set out at a slow pace and was pleasantly surprised with my time.

Good luck with your running.



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