60week -10K training programme

I think I have found what I have been looking for!!!! -and that is, an answer to the age old C25K graduate question -- "What do I do now" ??

I do NEED a structured running programme to follow - something that I just do 3 times per week without having to do too much thinking about it - and something that forces me to incorporate running into my daily life (like diet) and stops me from falling off the wagon! :)

I think I am going to limit my running to around the 10K mark - so that elimates any thoughts of going on to do half and full marathon training programmes . There are LOTS of programmes out there to run 10K - but they are mostly only around 10 weeks or so, and I can already run 10K anyway. I need something to follow for MUCH longer.

So I have found this home.sprynet.com/~holtrun/5... -- it is essentially a 10 week programme to get a beginner to 5K - this leads to another 10 week programme to get to 10K home.sprynet.com/~holtrun/j... - which leads into another 20 week programme for 30miles(50K) per week runners home.sprynet.com/~holtrun/1... which then leads to another 20 weeks to 10K for 40-60 miles per week runners home.sprynet.com/~holtrun/1... All with a view towards only 5K and 10K running.

So after I finish my 14K funrun , I will be having a rest (on a cruiseship for 2 weeks) and then I am starting at the very beginning again ( walk 5K in under an hour! :)) and have a 60 week plan ahead of me. Now, that's sorted -- I'm off ( when the sun comes up and it warms up a bit) for my final 15K run/walk interval training run before heading to Sydney in 10 days time.


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  • That sounds like a plan! Always good to have one.

  • Seems quite a good plan bazza. Just had a quick look at them. Love a good plan.

  • Apparently this bloke specialised in 5&10k - and ran a 10K in 31 minutes . :) He may be worth listening to:) His website home.sprynet.com/~holtrun/h... is a bit disjointed but he also has some books which I may get later.

    I had been thinking of possibly "re-doing" C25K - but this approach would be better. Before I started C25K, I thought that I couldn't run and I might have a heart attack if I did. Now that I know I can and I won't, I am going right back to square one and starting this journey all over again - that is, after I do my 14K funrun :) !!!

  • It looks good. Def need to rewrite it in my own words to make easier quicker reference.

    disjointed is a good way of describing it but your right it looks like a pretty good plan of action.

  • Thanks for the heads up Bazza, I too have been on the look out for "what to do next", so far I can run 5km, would like to get to 10km, but am not interested in going any further.....so this sounds just the thing. Cheers

  • Sounds like a great plan and you can obviously make it as easy/difficult as you want. Not sure I understand everything he says about how much running/walking you're "meant" to do, but I think I understood the number of miles (not km) to put in each week and honestly don't think I'd manage that here (especially in winter when I have to run in daylight because of potholes and cultural reasons for not being out in the dark).

    It does look like a great challenge to keep you going for a while though!

    Your "fun run" seems to be coming round quite fast now. Hope it is fun, and hope you have a great time on the cruise afterwards. I seem to remember your original pic was of a somewhat portly gentleman on a cruise. Hope you manage not to regress "too" much this year ;) ! At least you have a plan for when you get back :)

  • POORTLY!!! POORTLY!!!! The correct word was "Overweight!!!" :)

    This will be our 17th cruise and I have never ever used the Gym - but I am going to this time (never run on a treadmill) . I want to experiment running at a set BPM - but increase the speed of the machine a bit at a time. This ship looks like it attracts a much younger crowd. They recently had a "Biggest bootcamp at sea" cruise

    - and the same PT will be onboard this time too. Don't know if I will join them :)

  • I was on a cruise in weeks 2 & 3, and I used the ship's jogging track. It was a brilliant introduction to running - no hills, no trip hazards (apart from Japanese fellow-passengers using it as a camera shooting gallery), no work to do when I got back.... ahhh. Envy, envy,envy!!!

  • Those plans look really good Bazza I think they will give you some great focus, hope you enjoy your cruise, I have been hoping for a cruise for several years now hopefully will manage one, one day :) also good luck with the treadmill/gym

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