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My first 10k

On Monday evening I completed my first EVER 10k run

I planned to do 4 miles, which took me in a loop away from and to my house, but when getting back to my house I decided that it was ONLY (!!!) another 2.2 miles, and to see if I could do it.

The sense of pride at the end of the run was huge, and I'm not ashamed to say that I shed a tear, it's not very often that I do something that makes me feel genuinely proud of myself.

I now have 4 months until the 10k race in May in which to become comfortable-ish with the distance and try to get my time down to, hopefully, sub 50 mins (monday's run was 55 mins)

Wanted to write this as something to look back on and feel proud.

It's great to read that everyone is doing well too, despite the horrid cold. :o)

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Absolutely brilliant Jazz and what a time!! :) I think I will be emotional too whenever I get to that distance as its a huge achievement. You have every right to feel proud!

I cant believe you left it so long to blog abou it though - I would have been on here straight away even if I was dying from the effort!! :D :D

Best of luck with the training; you will nail it! ;)



Well done! That's brilliant!


That's a fab achievement and a really good time I am still at 5miles at 1:05mins but I will get there x so lots more work to be done x good luck



Brilliant, Jazz! Its amazing how we can go from dreading an extra minute or two added on a run to " its only an extra 2.2 miles" :-) So very proud of you and your achievement! Such fantastic time as well! Run, Jazz, run!!!! :-) Gayle


What a lovely post to read. :) Well done you.


Thanks so much, really appreciate it. :)


Inspirational, lovely blog. Congratulations!


Jazz, that's fantastic! Really fantastic! Awesome time! I'm well chuffed for you*

*and a little bit jealous, seeing as I'm 10 minutes slower than you. No doubt you'll get your time down quicker than me getting my time down to the sub 60 minutes mark! :D :D


Well done on both the distance and the time! :-)


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