Couch to 5K

Week 3 Run 1

technically week 3 was last week but due to being away last weekend I carried on with a 4th run of week 2 pod-cast at the hotel gym on a treadmill.

By tuesday this week didn't have the courage to start week 3, looked too long a running time so repeated a week 2 run. Weather was awful & it was such hard work I felt deflated that it wasn't getting any easier :-( consequently really hard to get motivated.

I started week 3 today & it was brilliant. Tired legs on the last 60 seconds of last run but otherwise felt really good. I can't believe that I continued to jog for the full 3 minutes :-)

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I've just finished week 2 and i'm really dreading week 2 but also kind of intrigued to see how i cope with it. I live in Cardiff so it rains all the time therefore i can't really let bad weather put me off or i'd never do it haha


I've heard it rains a lot in Wales :-) I don't mind running in bad weather/ rain but the wind was phenomenal last tuesday & It really slowed me down & took my breath away, hoping I'll 'toughen' up a bit as time goes on :-S


Well done! I am starting week 3 tonight and I am dreading 3 minutes. I did do week 2 four times so hopefully......

Keep up the good work.


Hi emzylou, I thought I'd never run for 3 mins solid but I managed, I hope you have a successful run tonight. Fingers crossed for you :-)


Great to hear you are powering on. Aren't you amazed at what your body can do now? I think I hear the running bug biting you...


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