Week 9 Run 3 - Graduated!

Yesss! I completed W9R3 last night - only 36 hours after the previous run, I know, but I was impatient. Also I've a very full-on week at work which means I won't be able to run again until Friday. It felt good, though the last uphill section about 5 mins before the end was really hard work, especially trying to rein back the heavy breathing when running past a group of walkers. They actually turned round to see what the noise was! But it was worth it as I covered exactly the same distance as W9R2 (in the opposite direction) plus about 50m.

I only started posting here in week 9 but it's been a great journey - so I will indulge myself by writing a bit about it. I discovered the C25K podcast having already started doing some very unstructured running for about two weeks so cheated and jumped straight into week 3. Really achey legs after the first few runs, but not in a bad way.

I remember the fear of the first 20 minute run in week 5. I'd half decided to chicken out and repeat the previous run but then found my iPod had deleted the first two runs of week 5 when it synched, so decided it was fate and just went for it - what a thrill it was to realise I could do it.

But... then after a day's break I started the first run of week 6. I felt tired and not right from the start but carried on and was suddenly aware of a little 'ping' in my left shoulderblade. I ignored it and finished the run. It hurt a bit over the next day but then foolishly I did the second run of week 6 two days later - and that night my shoulder and neck felt like it was on fire inside. So to cut a long story short I had a few days of proper, nasty pain and although it got better by itself I took 10 days off before repeating W6R2 and carrying on. I've been fine since, apart from struggling with the heat, like everyone else, but have been very careful to run three times a week with at least a day's rest in between (apart from last night!), and do lots of slow stretches after every run. Don't overdo it!

Now onto the next challenge. I've downloaded C25K+ - I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to my new best friend Laura yet - and I'm looking forward to getting faster and stronger and taking part in a few parkruns.

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  • Congratulations Turbo! I bet you feel greeeeaaaat!

  • Well done Turbo and don't hide from us any longer. Your a graduate now and you have lots to offer to those who are still working through the program. Good luck with your C25K+. Don't forget to send a message for your lovely badge and wear it with pride, you have earned it. :)

  • Congratulations on your graduation - a great achievement and a great blog :)

  • congratulations on your great achievement!

  • Congratulations!! Now you can wear your Graduate badge with pride! :)

  • Brilliant, Congratulations and welcome to our new Graduate! :D

    You must be feeling very chuffed (and rightly so!) BTW, no need to lose Laura just yet ... She crops up in the follow up podcasts too :)

    Cheers, Linda x

  • Graduation congratulations and very best wishes for your post-grad efforts

  • Congratulations on your achievement.You must be so proud of yourself and rightly so. Your remark about having to rein in the heavy breathing when you passed the walkers made me smile !

    Post again soon,this one was fun to read.

    You're an inspiration :) Good luck with C25K+

  • Thank you all! So tonight's 'run'consisted of sprinting the length of Frankfurt airport, dragging wheely ba

  • Duh, phone......bag, only to find the connecting flight is also delayed. Don't think it counts!

  • Wow, that's wonderful, congratulations!!!!

  • Congratulations Turbo on your achievement!

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