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My first 10K

So I've been pushing up the distances lately. I ran 7.5 last weekend and when I got to the end, I felt I could have gone on. I designed a 10K route that would allow me to bail after 8 if I needed. Turns out I didn't.

What actually happened was that after adding 200 metres from a wrong turn, the cemetery I ran through had welded the exit gate shut. I totaled 11k in the end and again could have gone further. Might try running 15 next time and see how that goes...

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Awesome! Well done :-)


Phew!! That's amazing!


Well done. It's a great feeling to run that distance isn't it, especially when you finish and feel you could have gone further.


I look back to when I started and I could never have imagined being able to do this. And just to clarify, it was an 11km run for a 12km total tracked distance.

I need to start running in my lunch breaks again though. I think that instead if h long distances I'm going to start repeating c25k plus and see if I can start upping my speed. Currently it takes me for about 3.5k. If I can get that up to 5k then I may be able to get 10k into a lunch break.


Stupid phone! "Of doing" "c25k+ speed" but you get what I mean.


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