I ran and ran and ran...My first ever 10K run!!!

As most of you are aware, I love challenges! :-) :-)

At the beginning of the year, Steve and I started a B210K program. Even after the weeks ended, I could run well over an hour, but my short little legs could not cover the distance I needed. Before starting the B210K, I spouted off that I wanted to run a 10K by my 50th Birthday. Looking at the calendar on Sunday, I noticed I had 20 days 'til the day of doom. :-( Soooo...long story short, I went out and ran my first ever 10K!!! :-) :-) :-)

Steve may post about his experience but I will tell you he has ran a 10K distance before, so he ran just an easy, peasy little bit extra... :-)

Back to challenges! I am loving the 5x50!!!!! Besides all the great virtual cheerleaders cheering us on with cute pom-poms, I am seeing such great motivation!!!

Well done Team!!!

Steve and I are running or walking a minimum of a 5K distance every day. :-)

We are already making plans for the 2014 challenge! I hope our motivation continues, please continue the cheers! :-)

Gayle **Doing a happy dance :-) :-)


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71 Replies

  • Congrats on your 10K. May it be the first of many... :-)

  • Thank you, thank you! Not sure about many though! Actually, feeling pretty good today and no sore muscles!

  • Whoop! Well done Gayle, knew you could do it!!!! Half marathon next ??

  • Ali, you silly girl! :-) I was too pooped to pop after that 10K!!! I'm really thinking 10K will be the longest distance I cover...although...I said that about a 5K! :-)

  • I remember saying those words

  • Oh, wow! Gayle, you rock! :-)

    I don't know how you are doing all those 5ks, I really don't. I need my alternative bike and yoga to catch up with myself - though I suppose you have been doing it for a bit longer. Keep up the brilliant work, both of you. :)

  • THANK YOU!!! :-) We are at the 8 month mark from starting C25K. You're too hard on yourself greenlegs, you're still a fresh Graduate!!! Thankfully, we noticed we are not hurting as much over the past few days as when we started the challenge. I'm surprised today, after running the 10K, I'm not sore. Maybe my body is too shocked to feel pain?? :-)

  • :D Well I hope you're still feeling fine tomorrow too!

    You're right again, of course. 2 months post graduation is not the same as 8 months! :)

  • We started C25K in August and Graduated in October, then started B210K in January. What a fun-filled 8 months its been! :-) You're doing great, just keep trying to get a run in at least once a week or so.

  • Congratulations Gayle, it's great to be able to share the experience of someone who's obviously very motivated.

  • Not sure if its motivation or stupidity, olsBean! THANK YOU!!!

  • That's a fantastic achievement, bet you feel great 5K now 10K, if you don't fancy a half marathon what about running in imperial, 10 miles could be the next challenge :-)

  • Thanks, Phil!!! Oh my! You would have to suggest something that very well may be within my reach... :-) I think, for now, I will just try to get through the 5x50 challenge!

  • A HM is only an extra 3 miles if you do 10 miles!

  • Congratulations!! I've just got in from a 5k - I could never run that distance twice :O I'm in awe :)

  • Thank you Khrissy! Don't ever say never...I said the same thing!! ;-)

  • It's a special moment reaching 10k for the first time. Well done! And I'm glad you're enjoying the 5x50 challenge. You're enthusiasm is infectious :D

  • Thank you! It was a special run, now I can mark it down as running a 10K, something I never dreamed possible 8 months ago. The challenge is going well but I am still in awe of you! Amazing to commit to a 100 day challenge!!! :-)

  • very inspirational....that is what I am aspiring to, I bet you feel amazing well done.

  • Thank you Juicy! As I just responded to someone else, I never dreamed 8 months ago I could run a 5K and now I did a 10K. You WILL get there!!! :-)

  • Wow!! Well done!! :-)

  • Thank you Stef!!! You are right behind me!!! :-)

  • inspirational and motivating...........I wish I had your resolve............a fantastic achievement :-)

  • Thank you, thank you!!!! Reading your blogs, you're doing fantastic!

  • Congratulations on achieving your first (of many) 10 km runs! :-)

    I'm pleased to hear you're enjoying the 5x50. I've been sad to hear of others who are struggling with it and finding it a chore. Like you, I'm loving it. Today was the first day I've not 'travelled' (by foot or bike) anywhere; I felt up for a run, but knew to take the rest following the tough 10K race. Back to a hilly training run tomorrow and looking forward to it. :-)

  • Thank you swanscot! Not sure how many 10K's I will ever rack up, but it was a special run and I can mark it off as done. Regardless how many I ever do, there is no way I could finish in the time you just ran your 10K!!! :-)

  • I am super proud of you, Sweetheart!! You have come so very far in just 8 months!! Who would have ever thought that we could be runners?? You are an incredible example of how people can do anything that they set their mind to!! Neither of us are built like great runners, nor do we find the "fun" in running, but day after day and week after week you continue to amaze me with your determination and incredible will to succeed!!

    Thank you for being my running partner and more important for being the most incredible inspiration in my life!! Each day I wake up to thank God for another day to spend with my best friend and the love of my life!! I love you now and forever!!

    I Love You!! :-)

  • You are so lovely Steve. The two of you are obviously made for each other :)

  • Tish, not sure about that...I don't think anyone else would put up with us! :-)

  • We may not have the build of runners, but we have the hearts of runners!!!! :-)

    Thank you so much for ALWAYS encouraging and humoring me! I love you with every little ounce of my runners heart! ;-)

    Love you mucho!!! :-)

  • Go, Gayle the Great! You are amazing! You deserve to be so proud of yourself :) And awwww for Steve's post above - that's so lovely and made me sniff a little! Much 'happy dancing' to you :) What colour pom-poms would you like next? They'll be for you! :D

  • Any color? Hmmm...I really like the purple & pink!!! I had visions of you cheering me on as I ran the last 2 miles! Thank you Annie for being a great support! :-)

  • Fantastic Gayle; I knew you would get there! I'm really happy for you.....welcome to the 10k Club!!! :D

    Sue x

  • I like the sounds of the "10K club" :-) As I wrote to someone above, not sure how often I will run a 10K, but it was nice to check it off my list. :-) Thank you for ALWAYS being such a great source of support and motivation Sue!!! :-)

  • My absolute pleasure Gayle! You are indeed my running sister and buddy and whatever I give I am always certain to get it back tenfold from you :)

    I havent run another 10k since I joined "the club" but yes it is a nice one to tick off the list!

    BTW, bought my running sunglasses today! ;) The guy in the running shop was asking me if I were running this Sunday (its the London marathon) and was that what the glasses were for as it has been very sunny of late; did make me feel good I must say but had to hold my hands up and say that was currently out of my league..... :D We ARE runners!!!

  • Whoooo! New glasses! :-) I bet you do look sharp and just like a marathoner!!! Get ready!!!! Next year can be your year! Praying the London Marathon goes without a hitch and nothing horrible like what happened here. It is truly a miracle that there were not more deaths. Saddened to see a little boy of 8 was one of the victims. Horrible, my heart aches for all the families. What brand of sunglasses did you go with? I found some online with great reviews and interchangeable lens. Out of stock everywhere... :-(

  • I dont think so...that is a long way!! :O

    Mine are Sunwise equinox and were not expensive and also have interchangeable lenses. Look very cool and OH says I look like a runner.....bloody cheek, I AM a runner!! ;)

    Let me know if these are the ones you saw online and I can arrange to get them for you; I am happy to do so if you cant get them over there. x

  • Great minds think alike! Maybe we are related!!! ;-) The glasses you purchased look very similar to the ones I had spotted, even having the interchangeable lens! Take a lookie if you have time: all weather optic-nerve neuotoxin IC. I really like the looks of the optic nerve brand. They even have neon colors for the frames. :-) I'm going to hold out for now...two reasons...no sun here with the crazy weather and Mr. Hall better be coming up with some cool pressies for my Birthday! ;-)

  • Well done Gayle!!! Brilliant news. You and Steve have been such an inspiration to me and to many others. It's a privilege to be part of your journey.

    I remember you starting on the b210k just before I broke my wrist. I was so fed up with not running. But now here I am b210king myself!!

    Thanks for all your fantastic support. You deserve to feel very proud of yourself. Onwards and onwards! :D

    Tricia x

  • Thank you Tricia!!! Onwards and upwards indeed and you are soon to be right behind me! Good luck with the 10K plan!!! :-) You will ace it!!

  • Thanks Gayle. I have a 10k race in June. Oh that is really soon. I think I will be able to do it. I know I will. Though like Sue I'm not sure how often I'll be repeating it. It's pretty hard going on the old bod! :)

  • Good luck! Even though I ran 10K, I don't think I want to enter an organized 10K anytime soon. I agree about what our bods can handle as we become more mature! ;-)

  • AMAZING - well done!

  • Thank you, thank you!!!! :-)

  • Wowee! Really inspirational! Really proud and happy for you :) So whats next then? maybe just enjoying your 10k's for a while haha :)

    Well done <3

    ~ Olivia

  • Thank you Olivia!! I'm sticking with the 5K's and an occasional 10K! :-)

  • Gayle ... that is fantastic, well done on the 10K, very impressed ... and 20 days until serious partying too :)

  • Thank you so much! :-) Shoot! Do we need to wait that many days before serious partying? ;-)

  • You can start now and party into your 50's :)

  • Well done Gayle, I graduated in November and then build up gradually to 10k, completing my first race earlier this month. I did it at my own pace, determined to finish and not worry about the time/race element - until I got going and realised I could overtake a few people!! I have now pre-registered for the Cheltenham Half Marathon (only pre-registered notice), so might give that a go, although the training programmes have boggled my mind!

    Congratulations on 5x50 too!


  • Wow, Chris!!! Congrats on signing up for a HM!!!! :-) Wishing you the very best! I'm happy I ran a 10K, but not sure if I have enough courage to actually run an organized 10K. I have ran some organized 5K's and I'm usually in the back of the pack.

  • Hi Gayle

    I was ran very happily at the back of the 10k race, and definitely plodded. Will have to see how my training goes for HM!!!!

  • Very well done Gayle, in a nice way, I'm jealous!

  • Thank you Delia!!!! Don't be jealous, you're doing fantastically wonderful!!! :-)

  • Gosh, running for an hour is impressive enough - converting that to 10k is fantastic. A huge achievement. Congratulations, you must be very proud. :)

  • Thank you Landesman! I'm am quite tickled with myself to think I actually ran that far. I have a feeling 10K's for me will be few and far between!

  • Well done Gayle, I'm so impressed and proud that another of the class of October is doing great things! I hope to do 10K myself one day.

  • Thank you ever so much!!!! You will get there, I KNOW it!!!! I'm really curious come next October, to check-in and see how many active runners we will have from our "class"

  • I can't wait for our anniversary party :) it will be great! I do hope many of us will still be here, though some have already gone quiet on the forum; fraz, chewy, newbierunner, ironmatt - though I think he'll be back when he's recoeverd from injury. I hope the others are still running though.

    Oh and I did my first 10K today :)

  • I KNEW you could do it!!! :-) I can't write onyour blog right now, but I will. Excellent time!!!! CHEERS! Heading out to a party, so I'll have an adult beverage or two for ya! ;-)

  • Truly magnificent! Can you hear the pop of the champagne cork? Maybe not, but I'm sending a virtual one to you anyway, with pink and purple fireworks :-)

  • Awwwww...how did you know? I love pink and purple and I really LOVE champagne bubbles! :-) Thank you!!!! :-)

  • Wow congratulations Gayle !! :-) I have been trying to follow a 10k programme , but i feel as if I am back to squre1 as it gives me the option of walking between runs, and it has taken me years to get out of that habit !! I haven't been on here for a while , what is the 5x50. Congratulations again!!

  • Thank you so much! Our 10K program had intervals once again... :-( Looking back, I think we could of accomplished the same goal in the same time , by adding a few extra minutes onto each individual run. The 5x50 is a 50 day challenge of running/walking/bicycling a minimum of 5K distance each day for 50 days. Exercise also counts, doing 30 minutes. So far, we have ran or walked each day. We are 1/3 of the way to goal! :-)

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well done Gayle, that is a fabulous achievement. Keep doing that happy dance :-D

    Vix xx

  • Thank you Vix!!!! So happy you're back with us again! ;-)

  • I'm happy to be back, it's been really frustrating not being able to run, although it seems the high temperatures are back too, I'm wondering if it's something to do with the running, alhtough I'm only doing 15 minutes at a time for a week or two, to ensure my neck and back are truly recovered :-(

  • Hi vix *waves*. Nice to see you back round here :)

  • waves back :-)

  • Very well done Gayle. This is so inspirational. Congratulations!

  • Thank you so much Jennie for the congratulations! :-)

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