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Completed My First 10K


Have been trying the C25k+ podcasts and completed stamina again tonight but felt like carrying on.

Ran the 5 minute walk and then carried on listening to my own music.

Only intended to run 5 miles but felt good and made it to 10k in just under the hour.

I may feel it tomorrow but really pleased to have got there.

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Oh wow! I am in awe! BRAVO!!

I'm supposed to be training for a 10k race at the end of next month, having graduated at the end of July, but the furthest I've run so far was 3.8 miles on a good run in week 9 when Iran through the cool down music. I can't actually imagine running 6 miles ever right now - you've inspired me to keep trying!

Hope you've not too sore tomorrow - hot bath and a massage? ;-)

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Thanks and the massage sounds like a good idea.

The furthest I had run before tonight was 4.3 miles so I guess it all just came together nicely. Glad I've inspired you anyway and good luck with your 10k race :-)


Oh wow!! That's fantastic! Well done. I dream of the day I can manage 10k...but I can remember the day I used to say that about 5k so never say never!

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Thanks Jefna. Until this evening it did seem a long way off but I guess the Stamina runs helped. Anyway, your pre and post graduation posts were a good read so I'm sure you'll get there too :-)

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Ah thank you, I'm pleased someone enjoyed my waffling! Haha. I must try Stamina soon, I've downloaded so I have no excuse really!


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Thank you !


Wowzers... Fantastico... Well done you, I hope you feel ok? Rest the limbs, lots of fluid and food... You so need to celebrate

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Thanks JuicyJu.


Great effort, and a good time too. :)

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Thanks greenlegs. It was "slow and steady" at times but pretty pleased.


you and your long legs!!! well done, that's really brilliant and doesn't sound like 10K in under an hour was slow and steady at all, sounds amazing to me. Good to hear that the Stamina runs helped you - have you done them a lot since graduation? I went for the first time the other day and found it really tough, but it's inspiring to read how well you've done so maybe I'll try it again. Look forward to hearing more about your running progress :)

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Hi sofaqueen. Thanks and good to hear from you.

I graduated about a month ago and repeated week 9 run 3 for about a week then tried the C25K podcasts. I think I completed Stamina about 4 times, Speed once and Stepping Stones the rest.

I found Stamina a stretch to start with but this got better the 2nd and 3rd runs. Stepping Stones was turning into a sprint and I can't run at the slower pace without shortening my stride so just run for the duration.

I guess the 10k was just one of those runs where you feel you can carry on

Oddly I was very tired before going so had thought about just completing Stepping Stones but

glad I chose the longer run.

The running after the 35 minutes of Stamina yesterday was probably the slow and steady bit :-)

Good luck anyway and look forward to hearing how you get on.

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