Another 10k first-timer

Post graduation it was all going so well to building up to 10k quite quickly, but then I tweaked a hamstring and made myself have a week off. I'd done 8k one week, then 9k the next but then... nothing... except a mountain of work and no exercise to offset 16 hours a day in front of the computer. :(

So after the week's enforced rest and reading the inspiring 10k blogs of juicyju and jenniej (hey, you could be a duet called The Four Jays ;-) ), I was more than ready to get outside and shake off the cobwebs. A couple of tentative runs to make sure that nothing hurt and I was ready to have a go at my next milestone this morning.

I started off towards the beach but there was a fierce gale blowing in off the Atlantic so I switched to running down the canal towards the lake. The weather's mild but not great and it was early, so there weren't many people around; just a few dog walkers, some fishermen and the guys tending their oyster beds.

I'd run part way round the lake in week 9 and found it tough, as the loose sand in parts is quite hard to run on and saps the energy, but it was encouraging to find that that's no longer a problem.

I wasn't convinced that I was going to make the full 10k target when I was part way round, but then I didn't seem to get any more tired towards the end (though I could feel my calves tightening up after about 8k) and just kept on going till the magic numbers popped up on the Garmin. I was very aware that I was going slower and slower through the run though.

Quite pleased to have run that distance - and to be enjoying the running. :) And that's partly thanks to all of you who write so well about your own efforts - it's enormously encouraging.


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29 Replies

  • Fantastic work Chris (if I may!) and you beat me to it :-)

    Sincere congratulations!

  • Thanks Delia. I expect you'll be there imminently, especially if pursued by volatiles... :-)

  • Great blog. Very well done and welcome to the 10k club! from one half of the Four Jays :) :)

  • Thanks jenniej. It certainly feels like a real achievement after being so feeble in the running department just a few months ago. A definite milestone in a runner's progression, I think. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  • Well done! I'm hoping to join the club next week. Managed 9k yesterday in 1hr 1min, so will be lucky to match your time for my first 10k :-)

  • Thanks saruma. You're so close! I think doing the distance is the main thing - reducing the time comes later. Good luck!

  • Well hello Landesman from the other half of the 'four Jays'...thanks for the mention, and I love the name :)

    wow, how fantastic, and the scenery sounds amazing, I bet it was exhilarating...and now its time for the celebrations, you soooo deserve it

    :) :) :)


  • Thanks juicyju. Not such as a nice day as you had on the strawberry line, but it's nice running near water in any weather, Hope you have some more good runs with your son - sounds like a great way to do things together. But take care of those knees - they're tricky things to put right if anything goes wrong. Play it for the long term - don't try too much, too soon. Celebrating by continuing to work my way through the Bordeaux chateaux at the moment - another long term project... :-)

  • Fantastic Landesman! Another member of the 10k club - I've got a bag of Giant Buttons for later so I'll eat a few in your honour!! (Not that I need an excuse...but it will make me feel better...) ;-)

    And I've just realised, almost identical time and distance to my first 10k, which makes me feel pretty good too!

  • Thanks dottiemay. Do have a Giant Button or two for me (as I'm not really into chocolate) and I'll have an extra sip of red instead (purely medicinal you understand, to relax the limbs). ;-)

  • Brilliant and welcome to the 10k Club! :) It's a fantastic feeling isn't it when you achieve this; there's no stopping you now! I now try and run a 10k every weekend.....something I would never have thought I would hear myself saying!



  • Thanks, Sue. I think that a 10k each weekend with perhaps a couple of 5k intervals in the week is what I'm going to aim for now. As you say, it's an astonishing thought for those of us who have never been runners - truly an amazing programme.

  • Congratulations, it a great feeling when you finally get there isn't it. Enjoy adding them longer runs to your weekly schedule :-)

  • Thanks Phil. I'm certainly enjoying the feeling of achievement - and the knowledge that I can run further and try more routes, especially with the summer well and truly here now.

  • Fantastic well done


  • Thanks Catherine.

  • Great stuff & welcome to 10K. Like Sue, I now try to do 10K every weekend (just back from today's!)

  • Thanks OldNed, I aim to emulate you in that - and perhaps see i9f I can get close to your 100k in a month (though I might need a very long month). What next for you though?

  • Well, in two days time we're off to Rhodes for a family wedding. I'm looking forward to running in the heat but I doubt it'll be 10K! We're in Rhodes for a week, back home for a week then I'm off to France, tout seul, for 2 weeks camping west of Bordeaux. Lots of cycle & running paths through the pine forests, as you'll no doubt know, and I'm aiming to run every day for the 13 days I'll be there, plus cycling plus les plages naturiste of course. I'm treating it (forgive the pretentiousness) as a training camp for the Great Yorkshire Run 10K in September.

  • The coast from Bordeaux down to Bayonne is great for running, walking and cycling (and surfing, of course). The French really encourage people to get outdoors with an amazing network of well-maintained paths. And there's the huge Lac d'Hourtin for more watersports if the Atlantic is too fierce. Great place.

  • Great work - things will get better still!

    I followed the link to Garmin and love the data you get. I use Nike+ which is cool, but not as comprehensive as Garmin's. Also, your stats are only visible after logging in - as far as I can see, you can't let anyone else see them. I guess I'll be off to the Garmin shop now...

  • Yes, the Garmin data site is pretty good, I think (though I'm a little disappointed they don't have more Garmin devices connected, as I'd have liked to see some hikes on there too).

    I see that some download their Nike data as GPX files and put them into more widely used sites like RunKeeper for sharing ( )

  • Interesting about the gpx files. You get the Nike+ app which patches into the devices's gps and this would allow the generation of a gpx file. I use the Nike+ foot sensor which I find more accurate but which doesn't ( as far as I am aware) patch into gps.

    I took a look at your forerunner 10 and was surprised how relatively cheap it is. Comparing specs with the £100+ units, I don't see any thing more I would need. I found an online source doing the '10' for just over £80 and I think I'll place an order later today. Even if I wasn't going to use the Garmin online stuff, it'll certainly be much more convenient than pulling my phone out at every way point to check progress.

    I'm glad I read your post and followed that link ...

  • I'm pretty happy with the 10. I didn't particularly want heart rate data so it does everything I want and, as you say, is relatively good value. There's a good review here if you want more detail ( )

  • Hi. Just to say that I got my Forerunner 10 today, just in time to use it on the Great Trail Challenge this weekend. It's a bit bigger than I have thought, but that's not a problem. It'll certainly be easier than constantly pulling my phone out to check the Nike+ stats.

  • Excellent. Look forward to hearing how you find it - and seeing the results. :)

  • I'll be using it on the Great Trail Challenge on Sunday. (Also will be doing a casual 5k tomorrow - that will let me make mistakes when it doesn't matter). I signed up for Garmin Connect so am ready to rock 'n' roll whenever I get a wifi link. Now I'm worried that my weaknesses will be exposed for all to see :)

  • The default view is 'only me', so you can select which run results to make public for your fans ... ;-)

  • OK. Will set it to 'everyone'

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